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School Wide Climate PowerPoint Presentation
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School Wide Climate

School Wide Climate

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School Wide Climate

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  1. School Wide Climate Dr. Araminta Sorrell Dalisha Phillips Bethiel Girma, MSW

  2. Warm up activity Sly and the family stone Sing along!

  3. Sly and the family stone Words rewritten to encourage positive school climate Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey Climate's gettin nicer  Climate’s gettin stronger, tooSchool is so good to me I want to, I want to, I want to take you higher I want to take you higherBaby babybaby light my fire I want to take you higher Boom shaka-laka-laka Boom shaka-laka-laka Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey Feeling's nitty-gritty Fun is in the building too School is still good to me I want to, I want to, I want to get higher I want to get higherBaby babybaby light my fire. Higher! Boom shaka-laka-laka Boom shaka-laka-laka I want to, I want to, I want to take you higher Higher!

  4. School Climate A Tiered response Specialized Intervention For students identified as needing intensive supports Tier 3 (Red) – CIS, TD, CY Targeted Intervention For students identified as needing additional supportsTier 2 (Yellow) – CIS, TD, CY General Instruction and Supports For all staff and students Tier 1 (Green)-- CIS, TD, CY

  5. School climate Key characteristics

  6. School climate

  7. School Climate

  8. In schools with positive school climates students are caring, cooperative and understanding; they agree with and follow the school rules; and they are respectful towards peers and adults (Osher et al., 2008; Osher et al., 2010). School climate Research base

  9. Students who perceive that teachers are supportive, responsive, and care about them have better achievement and fewer behavior problems (e.g., Loukas & Robinson, 2004; Reinke & Herman, 2002). School climate Research base

  10. School climate challenges • 1.Teachers blaming admin Featuring the City Year Performers Molly Puskar, Boston Emily Ostroff, Boston BethielGirma, Milwaukee Will Riechardt, Milwaukee • 2. TEACHERS BLAMING STUDENTS • 3. Admins BLAMINGTeachers

  11. School climate Video interview Mr. Orlando Vera, Principal Diplomas Now Christa McAuliff Middle School San Antonio 2006 – 2011

  12. Thank you! Thank you for your participation!

  13. School wide climate session Part II: Tier I Supports and Practices

  14. Tier one supports and practices agenda • Warm up • Positive Reflections from Part I • Best Practices Team Share Outs • Presentation of Suggested Practices • Team Action Planning • Close and Evaluations

  15. Warm up Climate c’s color • Each team will produce as many words as they can that begin with C that refer to a positive school climate • Number your entries • The team that has the most will win prizes • Be ready to share out children City Year connected calm classroom

  16. Small group Activity Positive reflections on part i Begin your reflection with one of these • I liked • I feel • I was surprised • I would like to know more about • Now I understand • I think I will • I am beginning to wonder • I rediscovered

  17. Team activity Best practice sharing Fill in the following information on a Tier I Template of one of your best school-wide Tier I activities. If needed, see Caught You Doing Something Good sample for more information. • Name of activity • Frequency • Champions (sponsors) • Description • Resources needed • Special considerations

  18. Presentation of suggested activities School Climate activities are designed to create a major positive impression on the school community. The next series of slides will outline a few suggested practices

  19. Benefits of positive school climate

  20. Suggested practice #1 School theme

  21. Suggested practice #1 School theme .

  22. Suggested practice #2Visual attendance display

  23. Suggested practice #2 Visual attendance display Denny International Middle School 6th grade 8th grade 7th grade

  24. Suggested practice #3 Climate calendar

  25. NOVEMBER 2012 Bully Prevention Campaign

  26. Suggested practice #4 Climate campaigns

  27. Suggested practice #4 Monthly climate campaigns may include: Climate campaigns Posters Announcements Visual dramatization Competition between teams Student clubs involved Catchy slogan Addressing the issue during Advisory Bell ringer (warm-up) for all classes Student generated PSA Student assembly – skits Student performances Passing music Marquee inside and outside Guest speakers (stakeholders) CYDSG tickets for theme Classroom or team announcement poster School website School newsletters Reinforce campaigns outside of schools where students hang out Media Community board

  28. Suggested practice #5 Caught you doing something good!

  29. Action planning Use the Tier I Template. By school team, plan at least one suggested practice! • Caught You Doing Something Good! • Visual Attendance Display • Climate Campaign Please leave your templates with session facilitator.

  30. Close Caught You Doing Something Good Winners! Evaluations THANK YOU!

  31. School Wide Climate Dr. Araminta Sorrell Dalisha Phillips Bethiel Girma, MSW