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Tomas and the Library Lady PowerPoint Presentation
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Tomas and the Library Lady

Tomas and the Library Lady

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Tomas and the Library Lady

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  1. Tomas and the Library Lady Tomas Rivera as a young boy.

  2. What makes people diverse? Turn to your partner and share your ideas.

  3. Migrant Farm Workers • Many families travel from Mexico into the United States to escape poverty and work in fields hoping for better lives. • Families find work picking crops in the fields, which begins the cycle of moving from camp to camp, following the harvest. • Many children of the farm workers often work in the fields before and after school, and work hard to learn • to speak English. click here to learn more

  4. Let’s review what we’ve read in the selection Rags to Riches: • Families from Mexico travel to the U.S. for better lives

  5. Vocabulary glaring lap eager borrow check out storyteller Continue to Spanish words

  6. glaring My father was glaring at his golf partner for being noisy. Go back to vocabulary

  7. eager The students were eager to solve the problem on the board. Go back to vocabulary

  8. check out I need to check out a book on dinosaurs for my science report. Go back to vocabulary

  9. borrow “Dad, may I borrow $10 to get that new cd?” asked Joey. Go back to vocabulary

  10. lap I watched the cat lap the milk with its tongue. Go back to vocabulary

  11. storyteller We listened to the storyteller explain his encounter with the bear. Go back to vocabulary

  12. Spanish Words

  13. My mother said “Buenas noches” as she tucked me into bed. buenas noches I call my mother’s father Papa Grande. Papa Grande Señor “Excuse me señor, but I cannot see over your hat.”

  14. libro I reread the libro many times. pajaro I watched the pajaro soar through the sky. adios My nana said “Adios” when we left her house.

  15. Let’s Review! eager check out lap storyteller borrow glaring a. b. c. d. e. f.

  16. Adios!