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Tomas Rivera

Tomas Rivera

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Tomas Rivera

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  1. Tomas Rivera Written by JANE MEDIANS The pictures were made by ED MARTINEZ

  2. Tomas Rivera Story Summary: Inspired by his grandfather's storytelling, Tomás Rivera used his love for stories to become a reader, writer, teacher, and professor. Author: Jane Medina Illustrator: Ed Martinez The ________writes the stories. author The ___________ draws the pictures. illustrator

  3. Author: Jane Medina Tomas Riverá Jane Medina lives and works in Orange, California. She is an elementary school teacher. Jane Medina likes to write poems. My Name Is Jorge is her first book of poetry. She lives with her husband and two children. They speak both Spanish and English in their home.

  4. Tomas Rivera Genre- Biography Look for: • Information about the life of the person. • Pictures that show what the person looks like and help explain what his or her life is like. A biographyis a story that is written about a real person.

  5. Writing writing putting words down on paper This boy is writinga story about pigs.

  6. work Work This is hard work. to do a job This is hard work.

  7. read Read • to be able • to look at and • understand • words Glossary Word Dr. Newman will read a book on top of the school.

  8. Grew grew • got bigger The caterpillar grewinto a butterfly.

  9. family Family Family - people who live together, such as parents, children, and relatives There are seven people in this family.

  10. By by By - past; beside This moose is by the side of the road.

  11. Books - things with covers and pages meant to be read books Books These books are for you.

  12. about About about - having to do with The children are learning about Native Americans.

  13. Vocabulary Review • Say the words. • Read the sentence. • Fill in the blank.

  14. writing work read grew family by books about This chick __________ into a chicken.

  15. These boys are standing ______ a bush. books work read family grew by writing about

  16. by books writing work read grew family about This ________ is having Thanksgiving dinner.

  17. about by writing work read books family grew These boys like to _________.

  18. work by about books writing grew read family He is _____ a story about monsters.

  19. books writing work grew family read by about They have read lots of AR ______.

  20. family books work read grew about writing by Mrs. Keppel loves to _____ books.

  21. grew about family books writing work by read Firemen ________ to save lives.

  22. grew___ family ____ about___ work____ by ____ writing_____ books ____ read___ Match the words to its meaning. • -putting words down on paper • - to do a job • - to be able to look at and understand words; did read • - got bigger • - people who live together, such as parents, children, and relatives • - past; beside • -things with covers and pages meant to be read • - having to do with D E H B F A G C

  23. Say the Sight Words city house sometimes may old once open over put round

  24. New words in the story: Did You See Chip? miss farm walk park wish friends hard cheer Yip-yip catch could bark our think cart swings smart thanks

  25. I reada lot of books. I have started writing too. I want to tell about my family. I will tell how I grew up by a farm. Writing can be hard work. But it’s fun. Word Power

  26. Enjoy your story. The End

  27. Sites You should be able to click on these sites and go to them. Reading Skills Test Tutor Tomas Rivera Mrs. Alphabet Tomas Rivera Interactive Site