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Raising the Bar for Donuts with Dads PowerPoint Presentation
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Raising the Bar for Donuts with Dads

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Raising the Bar for Donuts with Dads - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Raising the Bar for Donuts with Dads

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Raising the Bar for Donuts with Dads

Each year Mark Bills dads and significant male role models look forward to a challenge at Donuts with Dads. Mark Bills is an IB/MYP Candidate School imbedding the Learner Profile into lessons and any student interaction opportunities. This year’s theme for Donuts with Dads was Camp Eagles. We used an inquiry based, problem scenario for the participants to learn a skill, use the available resources and solve 8 challenges or problems. Each time they conquered a task they were awarded a patch for their personally designed sash.

This is very much like an MYP classroom where the teacher introduces a skill, provides necessary resources and then presents a problem to be solved. Through their lessons and activities, our students are able to answer the unit question and better understand the significant concept.

Our students and their partners at the Donuts with Dads learned how to sew a sash with patches, lash wood together to make a stool, create a back pack, transfer water without a bucket, race in sleeping bags, re-create a blanket design and solve a mathematical donation problem. It was a great time working with their partners and watching all the different solutions to the same problem.

Wait ‘til next year – the sky’s the limit.