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The World of Expression

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The World of Expression - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The World of Expression. Michael Koester Designer Marketing Manager. Agenda. Microsoft User Experience technologies & tools: The Microsoft UX platform Designer – Developer workflow Microsoft Expression Toolset for Designers Demo: Build a „real“ application: Create the visual design and UI

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The World of Expression

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the world of expression
The World of Expression

Michael Koester

Designer Marketing Manager


Microsoft User Experience technologies & tools:

  • The Microsoft UX platform
  • Designer – Developer workflow
  • Microsoft Expression Toolset for Designers

Demo: Build a „real“ application:

  • Create the visual design and UI
  • Add some data
  • Build functionality for data filtering
  • Add interaction, fit and finish

Wrap-Up, Q&A


A Project BriefingMonday, 9:00 AM, The Agency, Meeting Room

Client:Museum ofAntiques

The Project:Weneed an applicationthat will run on theinformationkiosks in themuseum, displayingthemuseumcatalog. The application will beusedbyourvisitorstogetmoreinformation on theexhibition, so itneedstobe easy touseandlookgood! Later, wemightwanttoreusethisapplicationandpublishittoour web site. Also, wemightwanttouseaudioandvideoat a laterstage ...

microsoft ux technologies


Microsoft UX Technologies




SL 1.0

Silverlight 2

Platform Reach >


Direct 3D


Direct 3D



UX Richness (Features) >

designers developers better together
Designers & Developers: better together

The Designer role:Today: Designer creates static UI concepts that have no form or functional correlation to development or presentation technology that will be used to deliver the content/application.

The Developer role:Today: Developer evaluates UI and considers development approach, inevitably encounters project/time scoping issues, and re-design is necessary.

Expression = Better designer-developer workflow.

designer developer experience
Designer-Developer Experience
  • Designers & Developers:
  • Speak different languages
  • Designers & Developers:
  • Speak the same language

Designers design

Developers add business logic

xaml declarative programming
XAML Declarative Programming

Extensible Application Markup Language – XAML

  • UI is defined in XAML (text format, XML)
  • XAML markup and code are peers in functionality and performance.
  • XAML markup can contain code and can be compiled for execution.
  • Easy for tools to consume/generate, enables interop between design and developer tools.
  • Expression offers a full toolset for XAML.

<Button Width="100px"> OK


HorizontalGradient White LtBlue



Button b1 = new Button();

b1.Content = "OK";

b1.Background = new SolidColorBrush(Colors.LightBlue);

b1.Width = new Length(100);

Dim b1 As New Button

b1.Content = "OK"

b1.Background = New SolidColorBrush(Colors.LightBlue)

b1.Width = New Length(100)

  • Application will run on Windows OS machines
  • WPF desktop application
  • Screen size is 1024x768 pixels
  • Window size is 800x600
  • Dynamic XML data
  • Data filtering


Rounded corners

Displays text & images

Optional: Web site re-use

the tools
The Tools

Expression Design

Expression Blend (WPF, Silverlight 1.0, Silverlight 2)

Visual Studio

microsoft expression
Microsoft Expression

Expression 1.0Supports WPF

Expression Blend 2.5

Supports WPF, SL 1.0 and SL 2

Beta available for download

Release 2009

Expression (Studio) 2

Supports WPF and Silverlight 1.0

Trial version available for download

On Sale Now!


Expression Design

Expression Blend-

Visual Studio 2008

wrap up
Wrap Up

What you have seen today are basic concepts of both WPF and Silverlight application development:

  • XAML/Designer-Developer Workflow
  • Data Templates/Control Templates

Try it! Download the trial version of Expression:

  • Also download Expression Blend 2.5 Preview!

Get the ArtViewer application Hands-On lab here:


Visit the Expression community for more samples: