cmas training for test administrators pearsonaccess training
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CMAS Training for Test Administrators PearsonAccess Training

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CMAS Training for Test Administrators PearsonAccess Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CMAS Training for Test Administrators PearsonAccess Training. April, 2014. PearsonAccess - Overview. PearsonAccess is a comprehensive test management system To access PearsonAccess go to: www.pearsonaccess.c om

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pearsonaccess overview
PearsonAccess - Overview
  • PearsonAccess is a comprehensive test management system
  • To access PearsonAccess go to:
  • Your SAC will create user accounts for all teachers serving as Test Administrators for this year’s test. When those accounts are created, you will receive an email from Pearson with your user ID. (you will have to log in to the internet version of Outlook to see the entire email.) You will create your password when you log in the first time.
  • All questions are secure. You may not record the content of
  • a question in any way.
  • You may not discuss the content of the questions with students,
    • parents, or other teachers.
  • Scratch paper is secure.
  • Walls should be free of any material that might help students
  • with content.
  • You may not help students with content of the questions,
  • clarification of questions, or meaning of words.
  • Active proctoring is the same as TCAP: walk around the room,
    • observe student behavior, make sure students are on the
    • correct section of the test.
epat practice test
ePAT Practice Test

Purpose: Familiarize students with the test format and available tools.

  • Available on
  • Login not required
  • Depending on grade level, ePAT practice tests consist of 14-17 questions and should take 30-45 minutes.
PearsonAccess User Roles(CMAS Test Administrators)
  • CMAS Test Administrators permissions include:
  • Proctor cache test content
  • Start and stop test sessions
  • Administer the CMAS and manage test sessions
  • Check student test status
  • Mark tests complete
pearsonaccess home
PearsonAccess – Home

The Home tab in PearsonAccess displays links to the all the functions available to your user account.

pearsonaccess navigation1
PearsonAccess - Navigation

Global navigation links appear on the top of every screen.

pearsonaccess navigation2
PearsonAccess - Navigation

Tabs and sub tabs allow you to navigate

quickly to specific screens

pearsonaccess navigation help
PearsonAccess - Navigation: Help

Help offers context-specific support. Click

to close the Help window.

the morning of the test
The Morning of the Test
  • Before the scheduled test section


    • Proctor Cache the Test Content
    • Start the Test Section

Test Administrator will need a device (desktop, laptop, or iPad)

Proctor Cache Test Content Test AdministratorsHandout: How to Turn on Proctor Caching and Start/Stop a Test Session

Step 1

Test Administrators click on the Proctor Caching button to begin the caching process.

proctor caching test content
Proctor Caching Test Content

Step 2: Proctor Cache

  • The test forms to be cached for the test session will display.
  • Click the Next button to begin caching.
starting a pearsonaccess test section
Starting a PearsonAccess Test Section

Handout: How to Turn on Proctor Caching and Start/Stop a Test Session

administering the test
Administering the Test
    • Student Authorization Tickets
    • Scratch paper
    • Seal Codes
    • Starting the Test Section
    • Monitoring the Test Section
    • Resuming a Student
    • Exiting a Test Section
student authorization tickets
Student Authorization Tickets

SAC and

Test Administrator

student authorization tickets1
Student Authorization Tickets

Student Authorization Tickets – used by students to log into their test


  • Print Student Authorization Tickets
  • Secure
  • Envelope for each Test Administrator
  • Collect Student Authorization Tickets from TAs after testing

Test Administrator

  • Distribute and collect Student Authorization Tickets from students at the beginning and end of the test section
  • Ensure students enter the Username and Test Code printed on their Student Authorization Ticket
seal codes
Seal Codes

SAC and

Test Administrator

seal codes1
Seal Codes

Provide the Seal Code for the current section only.

  • Each test contains 3 sealed test sections.
    • In your testing envelope with Authorization Tickets
  • Write the Seal Code for the current test section on the board.
    • Must be used in the order they are printed on the sheet.
  • Seal Codes become invalid as soon as the test session is stopped.
    • Students who need to do a makeup will need a new Authorization Ticket and seal code.
student status
Student Status

Each student has his own status indicator

monitoring test sections
Monitoring Test Sections

Monitor the status of students in the session.

To refresh a student’s testing status:

Click the Refresh icon in the Status column of the student list on the Session Details screen to refresh the student’s status.

  • Ready: Not started the test
  • Active: Logged in and started the test
  • Exited: Exited the test but hasn’t submitted answers
  • Submitted: Finished testing and submitted answers
  • Completed: Submitted test data have been processed
  • Marked Complete: Exited the test and will not resume
  • Resume/Resume-Upload: Authorized to resume the test
view student progress
View Student Progress

A Test Administrator can view a student’s progress to determine if all questions have been answered

Click on View Progress to view the student’s progress in the test

pearsonaccess test session security
PearsonAccess Test Session Security

Test sessions have multiple levels of security controls

Session level security allows you to start/stop the entire test session to control access

Student level security allows you to control access on a student level when the session is started

resuming a student
Resuming a Student
  • If a student has exited a test they must be resumed before they can log back into the test
    • The student status is Exited
    • Select the checkbox next to the student’s name
    • Click Resume Test, Confirm you want to resume the test
exiting a test section and submitting a test session
Exiting a Test Section and Submitting a Test Session

Do not submit the final answers until Section 3 is completed!

mark test complete
Mark Test Complete

A student may be manually marked complete if they are finished testing but did not submit their test.

Do not mark a test complete unless a student has completed the test (all three sections) or will not be returning to finish the test.

Select the checkbox next to the student’s name and click Mark Test Complete.

mark test complete1
Mark Test Complete

Select the choice to use the same reason for all students, or use a different reason for each student

Enter the Reason and click Save

stopping a test session
Stopping a Test Session

All test sessions must be Stopped at the end of a test administration (after all three sections have been completed.)

All students in a session must be in Completed or Marked Complete status

Click on Stopto stop the test session

testnav 8

TestNav 8

TestNav 8 is a secure, browser-based application used to take computer-based tests.

students log in to testnav
Students Log In to TestNav


Test Code

Once the test session is started students launch a browser and enter the TestNav address provided in the Student Authorization Ticket

When TestNav loads students enter the Username and Test Code provided in the Student Authorization Ticket

testnav testing engine
TestNav Testing Engine

TestNav Welcome page

testnav testing engine1
TestNav Testing Engine

Section 1 Seal Code Entry

testnav testing engine2
TestNav Testing Engine

Section 2 Seal Code Entry

testnav testing engine3
TestNav Testing Engine

Section 3 Seal Code Entry

testnav testing engine4
TestNav Testing Engine

Flag Items and Review



User Menu

Constructed Response Tools

who to contact for support
Who to contact for support



Contact hotline


Device issues


Be prepared to answer:

Are you in a live testing session?

School Name

Contact number

Device in use

Test Content and Section

What is the problem?

Contact hotline: 520-2080

  • Test environment
  • Misadministration
  • Accommodations
  • Test procedures
  • User accounts/passwords issues