transforming current awareness through rss n.
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Transforming Current Awareness Through RSS

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Transforming Current Awareness Through RSS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lisa Rogers Research Associate Institute for Computer Based Learning Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland ticTOCs and Gold Dust Projects. Transforming Current Awareness Through RSS. ticTOCS & Gold Dust. Can RSS really transform current awareness?. RSS Current Situation

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Presentation Transcript
transforming current awareness through rss

Lisa Rogers

Research Associate

Institute for Computer Based Learning

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland

ticTOCs and Gold Dust Projects

Transforming Current Awareness Through RSS

ticTOCS &

Gold Dust

can rss really transform current awareness
Can RSS really transform current awareness?
  • RSS Current Situation
  • ticTOCs Project
  • Gold Dust Project
  • The way forward?
current situation
Current Situation?
  • RSS for Sharing Information.
  • What are the uses in research?
  • RSS adoption.
  • What should information professionals do?
  • Information Overload: Is RSS contributing or easing the situation?
tictocs project
ticTOCs Project
  • Journal Tables of Contents Service
  • Aggregates TOC feeds.
  • Find, Save, Display and Export latest Tables of Contents from over 12,000 journals ~430 publishers
  • Accommodates both users of RSS and non users
guidelines for publishers of tocs
Guidelines for Publishers of TOCs
  • Use RSS 1.0 specification
  • Use RSS 1.0 Modules (dc, prism, content)‏
  • Don’t include HTML in the standard RSS elements
  • Use the RSS Content Module to present HTML marked up content.
  • Ensure feeds are valid
  • Include abstracts
  • Understand the purpose of each feed
  • Do not restrict access to TOC RSS feeds.
  • Provide up-to-date OPML file(s)
tictocs data set
ticTOCs Data Set
  • tiCTOCS text file
  • Tab Delimmited File with ticTOCs ID, Journal Title, Feed URL, ISSN, eISSN

1 Nature 0028-0836 1476-4679

2 Nature Biotechnology 1087-0156 1546-1696

3 19th-Century Music 0148-2076 1533-8606

  • ticTOCs usage: Articles viewed, exported or clicked on in ticTOCs are collected.
  • User Submitted Documents: Journal articles written by or of interest to user.
Collated Articles are fed into NaCTeMs TerMine Web Service

Personal Interest Profiles (PIPs) are produced

Also trialled ExtMiner: Open Source tool combining structured search and document clustering techniques.

compressive strength, 3

crack initiation, 6

shear stress, 4

critical shear stress, 9.50978

threshold value, 4

microcrack initiation, 2

martensitic steel, 2

impact response, 3

composite laminate, 3

structural variation, 2

health monitoring, 2

composite structure, 2

failure mode, 2

damage detection, 3

unified approach, 2

  • The Users profile is matched to items from the various categories of RSS Feeds
  • Item considered ‘Gold Dust’ if rated 8-10
  • Tested 4 Methods in two Iterations
  • 2nd Iteration was better 15% and 14%
  • Best Categories were:
    • Journal Articles
    • Items from IR and SRs,
    • Theses and Dissertations
    • Engineering News Feeds
  • Best Results for a User was 63% ‘Gold Dust’
  • Need more and better initial usage data
  • Require method of stopping generic terms
  • Matching against items of a similar style to input data gives better results
  • If a user’s research area is more specific results are likely to be better
  • What should Information Professionals do?
  • What about RSS feed providers?
  • What about using RSS and text mining as a recommender system?
  • Questions?
  • Email
  • Twitter @lisajrogers