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SkillsUSA Alumni: Using the Internet to Impress Employers PowerPoint Presentation
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SkillsUSA Alumni: Using the Internet to Impress Employers

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SkillsUSA Alumni: Using the Internet to Impress Employers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SkillsUSA Alumni: Using the Internet to Impress Employers
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  1. Web Conference will begin at 2 p.m. est SkillsUSA Alumni: Using the Internet to Impress Employers

  2. Craig Moore SkillsUSA Webmaster Select your phone number Once phone number is selected, you can “raise your hand” to ask a question (at the end) Use the chat window at any time to post questions Questions will be answered at the end of the presentation Any questions left unanswered will be answered in writing and posted on our website within a few days following this Web conference This Web conference is being recorded and will be archived so you can view again or share with others Instructions for Posting Questions

  3. SkillsUSA Update Alumni Update Using the Internet to Impress Employers Questions and Answers Closing Overview Overview

  4. SkillsUSA Update Welcome Thomas Holdsworth SkillsUSA Associate Executive Director and Office of Communications & Government Relations Director

  5. Alumni Update Niki Clausen Alumni Coordinator SkillsUSA

  6. Alumni Page of the Website Newsletter - November Issue Alumni Scholarships Available Job Board with Alumni Merchandise Champions Magazine online Volunteer at NLSC 2012 Presidential Volunteer Service Award Pin Design Contest FREE Membership Total Membership – 26,376 Alumni Update

  7. Share Alumni Success Stories online Find us on Facebook and LinkedIn Follow us on Twitter Check the Website for Updates Stay Connected

  8. Using the Internet to Impress Employers

  9. About the Speaker • Pablo Fuentes, Co-Founder + CEO, • Passionate about getting people the right job • e-mail: twitter: @rotarypayphone

  10. Why this topic? • It’s a tough economy…YOU need every edge you can get

  11. What Impresses Your Friends…

  12. …Does Not Necessarily Impress Your (Potential) Boss

  13. A Couple of Numbers • 70% of employers have denied someone employment based on something they found online (source: • About 50% of employers consistently use facebook and/or twitter to screen candidates (source: Jobvite) • BOTTOM LINE: Your profile is your brand

  14. It’s Not Just What…It’s How • Obvious things to avoid: • Discriminatory/offensive remarks • Alcohol/drug references • Sexual content • More subtle things to avoid: • Negativity/pessimism • Whining • Demeaning others

  15. Step One: Don’t Hurt Yourself • Privacy settings • Google yourself • Don’t do stupid stuff

  16. Step Two: Help Yourself • Actively contribute to blogs/forums • Upload/share pictures of your work • Connect with other people who share your interests

  17. SkillsUSA – • New partnership to connect students & alumni with partners for jobs • Free to sign up: • Partners already posting jobs…they are eager to connect with YOU!

  18. Questions and Answers Have a question? Ask now. • “Raise your hand” or • Type your question

  19. Thank you! Thank you for participating, please complete an online evaluation of this webinar at:

  20. Contact Niki Clausen for further information: or 703.737.0639 The next Alumni Professional Development Webinar will be February 2012.