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Interior Designer

Interior Designer

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Interior Designer

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  1. Interior Designer By: Angela Xiao

  2. Description • produce functional and safe designs for interior spaces in inhabited, profitable, cultural, organized and developed buildings • work for architectural and interior design firms, retail establishments, construction companies, hospitals, airlines, hotels and restaurant chains, or they may be self-employed. • Money made per year: average- $40,670

  3. What this job entails • consulting to determine needs, preferences, safety requirements, how to use the space. • develop detailed plans and 3D motels to show the usage of the walls, dividers, displays, lighting etc. using computer-assisted design software and graphics software. • develop plans, elevations, cross sections and detailed drawings • advise their customers on colors, materials, floor and wall coverings, window treatments, interior and exterior lighting, furniture and etc.

  4. What this job entails • involve in a little real estate planning, estimating costs and materials required for advising on leasing, real estate and marketing • Prepare plans and specifications for the final interior designs according to practices and codes • Works in environment that combines several branches of learning and fields of expertise/team that includes engineers, architects, and builders

  5. What this job entails • Experienced in areas of interior architecture, construction material, building codes • Specialize designing interiors for residential, commercial, institutional, cultural, industrial buildings for aircraft, ships, trains, trade shows, exhibitions etc. • Specialize decorating residential/commercial interior spaces, home staging, color consulting, home organizing

  6. Education necessary in order to be hired in the field Interior designers: • University degree/college diploma in interior design • The National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) examination (required after six years of combined study and experience) • For Canada: Certification by provincial institute/Assicoation required to use the designated Interior Design Consultant (IDC)

  7. Education necessary in order to be hired in the field • DEC, AEC in interior design (offered in various colleges/ school boards) • DEP in interior decoration and display/bachelor’s degree in design (interior/environmental) • Association professionnelle des designers d’interieur du Quebec (APDIQ): must have DEC in interior design/ one of two bachelor’s degrees

  8. Education necessary in order to be hired in the field • Other types: bachelor’s degree in architecture/ DEC in architectural technology • Portfolio illustrating talent and accomplishments may be required

  9. Schools Suitable for Learning Interior Designing (Canada) • CENTRE FOR ARTS AND TECHNOLOGYKelowna, British Columbia Fredericton, New Brunswick • THE ART INSTITUTE OF VANCOUVERVancouver, British Columbia • VISUAL COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGNVancouver, BC • ASHWORTH COLLEGEOnline & Distance Learning • STRATFORD CAREER INSTITUTEDistance Learning

  10. What work experience would be valuable for this career? • At least 2-4 years of work experience • Drawing • Math calculations • Structure design • Colors • Planning • Interaction

  11. What skills should a person who is entering this field have? • Academic education • Pleasing, considerable imagination • Good listening skills given due regarding client’s personality, lifestyle, needs and financial situation • Management and team skills: often work with architects and supervise crews such as- carpenters, carpet layers, electricians, plumbers etc. • Empathy, creativity, negotiating skills, dexterity, attention to detail, ability to visualize in three dimensions • Preferably bilingual

  12. Why would you be well suited for this career? • Well-rounded: needs basic skills of art, math • Good listening skills • Management skills • Work well with others • Bilingual

  13. What interests you most about this career? • Well-rounded • Not very stressing • Interesting • Can have fun in • Different

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