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Human Resources Management OBHR – E100. Welcome! The OBHR E100 Web Site The web site will be our primary way of communicating Currently contains Fall 2008 Syllabus – the questions for each case study

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Human resources management obhr e100
Human Resources ManagementOBHR – E100

  • Welcome!

  • The OBHR E100 Web Site

  • The web site will be our primary way of communicating

  • Currently contains

    • Fall 2008 Syllabus – the questions for each case study

    • Fall 2008 Schedule – specific assignments and due dates

    • Case Analysis Primer

    • Link to Writing Resources

    • Announcements

Human resources management obhr e1001
Human Resources ManagementOBHR – E100

Human resources management obhr e1002
Human Resources ManagementOBHR – E100

  • Cases

    • 1 due by 10/28/08 and 1 more due by 12/9/08

    • Due by 5:00 US EST on the Tuesday the case is taught. Must be in your TA’s email inbox by then.

    • No cases will be accepted after that time.

  • Final Exam

    • Take home exam due in your TA’s email in-box by 5:00 US EST on Tuesday, 1/13/09.

Human resources management obhr e1003
Human Resources ManagementOBHR – E100

Other housekeeping

  • Video waivers

    • Available for signature. As the class is discussion based, it is extremely helpful to get these signed as soon as possible.

  • In class exercises

    • Will be made available on the web site so distance learners can take them.

  • Case Discussions

    • A TA will be present in class to take questions and comments from distance learners participating in simulcast. Specific info will be posted on the web site prior to each case.

  • Bulletin Board –

    • This site will be available only to members of the class. Please use a high standard of respect and professionalism in your communications on the site.

Human resources management obhr e1004
Human Resources ManagementOBHR – E100

Course Goals

  • Help students appreciate and understand the current thinking in the field of human resources,

  • Understand how this thinking has been reached and the strategic role it plays in today’s management community,

  • Show how areas of human resources management continue to be subject to on-going inquiry.

Human resources management obhr e1005
Human Resources ManagementOBHR – E100




Organizational Interests

People Interests

Outside Influences: Legal Environment, Economy, Globalization, Company Norms

Human resources management obhr e1006
Human Resources ManagementOBHR – E100

Creating the Living BrandBendapudi, N., Bendapudi, V., HBR, May 2005

  • What is the “Living Brand”?

  • Name the 6 lessons for creating a living brand

  • Let’s revisit our model and discuss how they integrated organizational and individual interests.

Human resources management obhr e1007
Human Resources ManagementOBHR – E100

  • Course Overview – HRM Functions

    Planning for Organizations, Jobs, and People

    • Strategic Management of HR (c.2)

    • HR Planning (c.3)

      Acquiring Human Resources

    • The Legal Environment (c.5)

    • Recruitment (c.6)

    • Measurement and Decision Making (c.7 and 8)

      Multinational HR

    • HR Across Borders (c.17)

Human resources management obhr e1008
Human Resources ManagementOBHR – E100

Course Overview (Continued)

Building Individual and Organizational Performance

  • Training Programs (c.9)

  • Performance Assessment (c.10)

  • Rewarding Employees (c.11 and 12)

    Maintaining HR

  • Benefits (c.13)

  • Workplace Safety (c.14)

  • Labor and Collective Bargaining (c.15)

  • Managing Employee Transitions (c.16)

Human resources management
Human Resources Management

  • Question:

    A medium-sized manufacturing company is considering a major business decision to upgrade its technology by purchasing computer-driven equipment.

    What are some of the HR considerations that need to be factored into the decision?

Human resources management1
Human Resources Management


If you were the executive in charge of HR at Kodak, what are the first five steps you would take in the goal of paring 15,000?

Describe each step and the reason for taking it.

Human resources management2
Human Resources Management

  • An employee proudly displays his National Rifle Association (NRA) card and spends his lunch hour cruising internet sites about automatic weapons (how to build or buy).

  • Colleagues describe him as ‘creepy’ but admit he is a hard worker, knows his stuff and is productive.

  • The manager calls for advice. What do you recommend?

Human resources management3
Human Resources Management

Human Resources Structures

  • In-house with full services

  • Partially in-house with some services outsourced

  • Headquarters with specialists – field offices with generalists

  • Headquarters driving strategy and policy – field offices with full services

  • Completely outsourced with small in-house office overseeing vendors

  • No formal HR unit – part of payroll and other admin staff roles

Human resources management4
Human Resources Management

Careers in Human Resources



Training and Development

Organizational Behaviorist or Designer

Employee and/or Labor Relations



Strategic Planner



Human resources management5
Human Resources Management

Current and Future Challenges

  • Corporate Reorganizations

  • Global Competition

  • Cyclical Growth

  • Increasing Diversity in the Workplace

  • Focus on diversity and work/life

  • Employee Expectations

  • Organizations as Vehicles for reaching Societal Goals