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Anti-Aging and skin care tips and treatment PowerPoint Presentation
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Anti-Aging and skin care tips and treatment

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Anti-Aging and skin care tips and treatment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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most of people are facing aging problem. here are some tips that will be helpful to reduce the wrinkles. your face would be glow by using these tips.

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Anti-Aging and skin care tips and treatment

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    1. Anti-Aging & Skin Care Tips

    2. Now a days people are facing aging problems. Number of people are looking for anti growing older serum that give instant glow. Here we provide you some anti aging skin care tips & some remedies that will be helpful for you to get rid off the wrinkles and skin problems

    3. Avoid Sun Tan • It’s main causes for wrinkles. • Don’t go out in the sun if not necessary • Wear sunglasses and apply UVA and UVB protective sunscreen every day • SPF 30 is ideal. Apply it all exposed area of your body

    4. Eat Healthy • Include essential nutrition and anti-oxidant rich food in your diets. • Good skin needs healthy diet plans like Green leafy veggies . • Eat more salmon soy winter squash for softer skin. • Consume foods with Omega-3 Fatty acid

    5. Stop Smoking More and more studies are confirming that cigarette smoke ages skin. It causes a narrowing of blood vessels in the skin due to the accumulated nicotine and breaks down collagen and elastin. It also cause early wrinkles around the mouth and lips and darkness of lips

    6. GetAdequate Sleep • According to dermatologist if you don’t get proper 6-8 hours sleep, the body produce excess cortisol a hormone that break down skin cells • so get enough rest and sleep this will make your skin remains thick , more elastic and less likely to wrinkle

    7. Avoid Alcohol • It effect not only your heath but also your complexion. • Alcohol increase the blood flow near skin’s surface. Blood vessels may permanently damage • Overstressing the liver can show up on the skin as a sallow complexion.

    8. Don’t over wash your face Don’t over wash your face because you wash away protection against wrinkles. You should use a natural cleanser.

    9. Keep stress at bay Stress releases hormones like cortisol which decrease muscular tissue beneath the skin. This makes it old and wrinkled

    10. For more details about skin care Read here Prevent your skin from Aging