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Live Active 3 R – Recharge, Rehydrate and Rejuvenate PowerPoint Presentation
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Live Active 3 R – Recharge, Rehydrate and Rejuvenate

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Live Active 3 R – Recharge, Rehydrate and Rejuvenate

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  1. Live Active 3 R – Recharge, Rehydrate and Rejuvenate LiveActive

  2. Live Active 3 R Live Active 3 R is a product designed to • Recharge • Rehydrate • Rejuvenate

  3. Live Active 3 R 3 R provides the body with necessary nutrients to be active and energetic all day • Carbohydrate • Electrolytes • Vitamin C • Minerals • Fluid

  4. Live Active 3 R 3 R can be used by • sports person who plays individual/ team sports or even for runner who may be doing short/medium/long distance running • an active person who is going about doing their chores • it can be used as an oral rehydration solution (ORS) drink

  5. Live Active 3 R 3 R is a source of quick energy because of the dextrose (carbohydrate) content What is energy? Energy is the potential or presence that allows for some type of work to be performed.

  6. Dextrose: The instant energy provider Dextrose is the source of energy in 3 R Dextrose is a monosaccharide and gives quick energy One serving of 3 R contains almost 20 g of dextrose Dextrose gives 4 calories per gram

  7. Live Active 3 R How does the carbohydrate in sport drink help sustain performance? Onset of exhaustion or fatigue involves depletion of muscle glycogen stores Research has shown that the carbohydrate in a sport drink becomes an increasingly important carbohydrate source for working muscle as glycogen stores wane (Yaspelkis et al 1993 and Maughan and Murray 2001)

  8. Electrolytes 3 R provides the all important electrolytes Sodium is involved in the electrical events of the body, sodium along with chloride and potassium are referred to as electrolytes Athletes during long events drink beverages similar to oral rehydration fluid (with glucose, sodium chloride and potassium) may sustain performance and prevent dehydration (Maughan and Murray 2001, Wildman 2009)

  9. Live Active 3 R 3 R also supplies the two most abundantly found minerals in the body calcium and phosphorous • The body needs calcium to maintain strong bones and for muscles to move and for nerves to carry messages between the brain and every body part.

  10. Live Active 3 R • Phosphorus is found in the body in the skeleton and teeth and in every cell in the body serving a vital role in energy operations. • Phosphate is also vital to the processes that allow our cells to capture the energy released.

  11. Live active 3R The antioxidant component of 3 R: Vitamin C The anitioxidant activity may reduce the adverse effects of exercise-induced reactive oxygen species, including • muscle damage • immune dysfunction • Fatigue (Braakhuis 2012)

  12. Live Active 3 R Vitamin C also does other things in the body • improves the absorption of iron from plant-based foods • The body also needs vitamin C to make collagen, a protein required to help wounds heal • helps the immune system work properly to protect the body from disease • reactivate other antioxidants namely vitamin E

  13. Live Active 3 R Replenishment of water Water is the main constituent of the human body, and it plays an essential role in:   • circulatory function • chemical reactions involved in energy metabolism • elimination of waste products • maintenance of the body temperature and plasma volume

  14. Live Active 3 R Prolonged exercise is accompanied by a loss of fluid and electrolytes from the body due to the sweating response Ensure that sufficient fluid is taken in to replace sweat losses The decrease in plasma volume that accompanies dehydration may be of particular importance in influencing work capacity

  15. Live active 3 R What role do sports drinks play? Sports drinks have an important role in replacing fluid losses because their flavour profiles encourage fluid consumption and their electrolyte content is crucial for retention of the ingested water

  16. Why 3 R? Live active 3R is designed to aid consumers who • may be sports persons • active people doing their normal chores 3 R provides the necessary energy, electrolytes and fluids to push away exhaustion. 3 R can be easily taken before, during, and/or after exercise or work.

  17. Live active 3 R • The tangy lemon flavor of 3 R enhances the palatability and consumers will love and voluntarily drink 3 R. • The lemony 3 R will help recharge, rehydrate and rejuvenate an active person.

  18. How to Use • 3R should be taken as a beverage by adding 20 gm of 3R to 100 ml of water

  19. Live Active Live Healthy!!!! LiveActive India Pvt. Ltd. Tel: +91-80-65661112/3