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Youtube watch v x12ynhqnhg8 feature related

Youtube watch v x12ynhqnhg8 feature related

What causes erosion
What causes Erosion?

  • Wind erosion damages land and natural vegetation by removing soil from one place and depositing it in another.

  • Two types of wind erosionare deflation, where the wind picks up and carries loose soil particles; and abrasion, where surfaces are worn down as they are struck by airborne particles carried by wind.

Youtube watch v x12ynhqnhg8 feature related

What causes erosion1
What causes Erosion?

  • Landslides can occur when moisture builds weight from heavy rainfall, flooding, rapid snow melting, glacier melting, and an increased water table can cause a landslide. 

  • Landslides take place when dirt, pebbles, rocks and boulders slide down a slope together.

  • Landslides can be very large, involving the entire side of a mountain.

Youtube watch v x12ynhqnhg8 feature related

What causes erosion2
What causes Erosion?

  • Ice Erosion: The movement of glaciers eroding by abrasion and scouring of a surface.

  • In the abrasion process, debris in the ice scrapes along the rock surface, polishing and gouging the underlying rocks, bedrock breaks off and flows with the ice.

What causes erosion3
What causes Erosion?

  • Coastal erosionis the wearing away of land and the removal of beach by wave action, tidal currents, wave currents, or drainage


  • Waves, Waves, generated by storms, wind, or fast moving motor craft, cause coastal erosion,

What causes erosion4
What Causes Erosion?

  • Rain splash erosion is caused by the impact of water striking the surface.

  • The impact of multiple rain drops hitting the surface splash particles away from the point of impact.