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  • Uploaded on Weight Engineering Tool for Ship & Offshore Constructions. BAS Engineering, Norway. ShipWeight in a nutshell.

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Weight engineering tool for ship offshore constructions

Weight Engineering Tool for Ship & Offshore Constructions

BAS Engineering, Norway

Shipweight in a nutshell
ShipWeight in a nutshell

  • software tool for weight & cg estimation and monitoring, from early concept design through detailed engineering and construction

  • Ships, plaforms, semisubs

Shipweight shipconstructor
ShipWeight & ShipConstructor

  • SW Weights

  • SC Weights

  • Analogies: IT + industry environment, sql relational database architecture, throughout the life cycle, SWBS / PH, top down and detailed model

  • Synergy: cross-validation, uses documented CAD weights, user defined reports, user defined weight groups and weight items

  • SW + SC weights crosscheck & combine for a more complete picture

Shipweight bas engineering
ShipWeight / BAS Engineering

  • More than 15 years of weight engineering in the ship and oil offshore industry

  • In use at shipyards, designers and navies all over the world for a large variety of vessels, including navy vessels (aircraft carriers, submarines, destroyers, etc), offshore vessels (FPSOs, Semi-submersibles, etc) to commercial ships (tankers, cruise and fishing vessels, etc)

  • Bassøe Technology, Sweden

  • Meccano Engineering, Italy

  • Rolls-Royce Marine, Norway

  • Wartsila Ship Design, Norway

  • Ulstein Design, Norway

  • Aircraft Carrier Alliance, UK

  • SBM (Malaysia & USA)

  • Huntington-Ingalls Shipbuilding, USA

  • General Dynamics, USA

  • Mazagon Dock Limited, India

  • SDARI, China

  • STX Europe OSV, Norway

  • Textron Land and Marine Systems, USA

Shipweight ubvs analogies synergies
ShipWeight: UBVs, analogies, synergies

  • ShipWeight provides Weight & CG control tools:

    • Unique, early stage, parametric estimation tools for weight and CG (ShipConstructor analogy: repeatable, representative, unique model portions)

    • Historical data regression (ShipConstructor analogy: multiple database templates)

    • Standard and user-defined parametric formulas and coefficients (ShipConstructor analogy: custom stock libraries and associations)

    • Real time Weight & CG tracking & calculation throughout design & construction, custom reports using Crystal Reports (ShipConstructor analogy: automated reporting without SC)

  • Design & Production Preparation phases: continuous monitoring of up-to-date weight and CG by including CAD data, comparing to previous estimates & revisions, analyzing deviations and trends. (ShipConstructor analogy: on-board weight tracking, non-CAD weight items)

Shipweight technology environment
ShipWeight - technology & environment

  • Windows application, SQL Server

    • Compatible with SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008

    • Running on Windows XP, Vista & 7

  • Multi-user application

    • Virtually unlimited number of simultaneous users

    • Can handle large amounts data (millions of weight items)

  • Supports remote access

  • Scalable!

  • First released in 1995

    • Version 11.0 ETA Fall 2011

Sw sc benefit from experience
SW + SC: benefit from Experience

Reuse and Utilize Your As-built Data





Development/Detailed design




Estimation based on past weight data using parametric ratio formulas

Administration of weight data available from other systems, like ShipConstructor (import)

Tracking and monitoring reported weights

Data from the complete vessel is reused in new estimations

Estimation sw sc complementary
Estimation: SW & SC complementary

  • Hundreds of parametric estimation methods included

  • Founded upon historic data support

  • Methods are customizable

  • User can create new methods

Weight tracking monitoring sw sc complement each other
Weight Tracking/Monitoring:SW & SC complement each other

  • Combined single record- and table view

  • User-defined setup of input dialog layout

  • Macro management by item code (user defined fields)

  • Up to 100 user-defined fields (SC UDA)

    • Maturity & Contingency

    • Modules & Sections

    • Allowance

    • Fluids

    • Department & Disciplines

  • Sorting and filtering capability (SC Part View and SC Project View)

  • Management of groups of items

  • Windows Cut, Copy and Paste

  • Custom reports combine SW + SC data

Reporting standard custom combined
Reporting - standard, custom, combined

  • Crystal Reports combined with ShipWeight custom codes makes it easy to report at various levels of coordinates and coded subgrouping

  • Export to text file, Excel, Word & PDF format

  • Group, summarize and display graphs for the quantities you want

  • Combine with ShipConstructor data (see example later this morning)

    Sample reports

Shipweight more than just
ShipWeight: more than just . . .

  • Additional Features

    • Weight Distribution Curve

    • Moment of Inertia calculation

    • Visual Sanity Checking

    • System Weight Distribution

    • Playground Area

    • Deckload Optimizer

    • Parent/Child Project Setup

    • Hydrostatics

      Additional Services

    • Software training

    • User meetings

    • Maintenance and support

    • Customize work breakdown structures

    • Develop links to existing software in the organization

    • Tailor reports and output

    • Establish historical databases

    • Weight estimation & weight monitoring

Nsrp an interface is born
NSRP: an interface is born

  • Concept: a long requested feature, materialized by DRS, BAS, NDAR, SSI USA

  • DRS (Advanced Marine Technology Center): “Leveraging Detail Design Data in Weight Engineering", selected March 2012

  • Team: Marinette Marine, VT Halter Marine, ShipConstructor Software, DRS, BAS

  • ShipConstructor is the natural choice to be the lab-rat thanks to the analogies and synergies described before, but also thanks to on going strategic fundamental development. Other ship-CAD systems lack the required model management technology (UDAs, multiple PHs, etc.).

SW / SC interface: the plan

  • Focus: efficient use of detail design data in support of weight engineering. Data dumping procedures are inefficient.

  • Combine collecting, analyzing, and reporting weight data with evolution of the product model used for planning, purchasing and production.

  • Map existing business processes of team members:

    • Identify SW / SC common data

    • Document data identification and cataloguing strategies for common and unique data

    • Search for and eliminate duplicate data entries

    • Macro-manage data (user defined fields / UDAs, WBS / PH, etc.)

    • Develop data transfer methods for accuracy and timeliness

  • Develop an interface strategy for the above


  • More accurate weight, CG, and Inertia data in Weight Engineering

  • More timely data, with less effort

  • Earlier detection of negative trends in mass properties

  • More complete and accurate as-built weight databases

Prototype 1

  • Pull & Push data via ShipConstructor and ShipWeight APIs

  • Neutral format interface for open communications but also for black box data transfer recording

    Prototype 2 ?

  • Analogy with SC Enterprise Platform Connectors

  • Connectors

Thank you
Thank You!

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