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Wessex Public Health Network – Your Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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Wessex Public Health Network – Your Questions

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Wessex Public Health Network – Your Questions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wessex Public Health Network – Your Questions. Is Wessex LETB different from Health Education Wessex? What is the relationship between Health Education England, PHE and NHS England?

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wessex public health network your questions
Wessex Public Health Network – Your Questions
  • Is Wessex LETB different from Health Education Wessex?
  • What is the relationship between Health Education England, PHE and NHS England?
  • Does Health Education Wessex (or HEE) have a remit for the training and education of workforces in the NHS and Local Authorities (and wider)? If so, what is the remit? If not, why not?
  • How can we inform and feed into the LETB’s decision making process?
  • What is the role of the Partnership Councils?
  • What else???

NHS Education and Training System

Secretary of State

Department of Health

Public Health England

NHS England

Health Education England

Health Education Wessex

Local Stakeholders, including Local Authorities

Education and Research

Health Service Providers

health education wessex profile
Health Education Wessex Profile
  • 2.6 million people
  • 11 member NHS Trusts
  • 10 CCGs
  • 8 Local Authorities
  • 51,615 wte NHS employees
  • £195 m investment in education and training
  • 15 commissioned universities
  • Aligned with Local Area Team/Academic Health Science Network and clinical networks.
health education wessex governance and engagement


Dorset and Salisbury Local Workforce Development Group

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Workforce Development Group

Local Professional & Clinical Networks

Partnership Council and reporting subgroups

Operations Management Team


Health Education WessexGovernance and Engagement

Expert Education Advisory Group


Red: Accountable to

Green: Provides advice to


the partnership council
The Partnership Council

The key forum for consulting about workforce and Health education Wessex strategy made up of a wide range of individuals representing those who have a stake in the education and training of the healthcare and public health workforce.

what does the partnership council do
What does the Partnership Council do?
  • gather opinion from key stakeholders about healthcare workforce priorities and reflect these views to the Health Education Wessex Board;
  • advise health education Wessex about any aspect of its business Five-Year Workforce Skills and Development Strategy Annual Education Commissioning and Training Plan;
  • contribute to programmes of work by commissioning sub-groups
  • agree overarching workforce requirements of the future needed to deliver quality health and social care.
partnership council members
Partnership Council Members

Roles by appointment by the represented organisation:

  • Skills for Health (1)
  • Skills for Care (1)
  • National Commissioning Board (1)
  • Centre for Workforce Intelligence (1)
  • Public Health England (Wessex Centre) (1)
  • South Central Ambulance Service (1)
  • South West Ambulance Service (1)

Organisations that need to ensure a representative

  • Salisbury NHS FT (1)
  • Isle of Wight NHS Trust (1)

Health Education Wessex representation

  • Chair, LETB Board
  • Managing Director
  • LETB Executive in attendance

Roles by nomination that represent Communities of Interest:

3 NHS Trust providers (not yet allocated, linked to Local Workforce Development Groups)

GP provider (1)

Clinical Commissioning Group (1)

Higher Education Provider (1)

Further Education Provider (1)

Director of Adult Services (1)

Director of Children’s Services (1)

Director of Public Health (1)

Director of Nursing (1)

Medical Director (1)

Director of Medical Education (1)

Lead Scientist Network (1)

AHP Network (1)

Pharmacy Network (1)

Bands 1-4 Champion (1)

Trainee (1)

Student (1)

Health and Wellbeing Boards (1)

Healthwatch (1)

Trades Union Representative (1)