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Public Health

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Public Health
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  1. Public Health

  2. What is public health? • A field of science responsible for improving health and preventing disease in populations • Focus on protecting the health of entire populations

  3. Public Health Professionals • Public health professionals examine and investigate health events • Promote healthy lifestyles and prevent health-related problems from happening or re-occurring • Implementing educational programs, developing policies, administering services, and conducting research • Work at limiting health disparities (equity, quality, and accessibility)

  4. Fields of Public Health • Environmental Health • Biostatistics • Behavioral Science/Health Education • Epidemiology • Health Services Administration/Management • Maternal and Child Health • Nutrition • Public health Laboratory Practice • Public Health Policy • Global Health (International Health)

  5. Environmental Health Concerned with environmental risk factors that can cause disease 1. air quality 2. food protection 3. radiation protection 4. solid waste management 5. hazardous waste management 6. water quality 7. noise control 8. environmental control of recreational areas 9. housing quality 10. vector control

  6. Biostatistics • Uses math and science to identify and predict health trends

  7. Behavioral Science / Health Education • Focuses on healthy-choice behaviors • Includes community-wide education programs promoting • Healthy lifestyles to raise disease/injury prevention awareness • Career concentrations include: mental health, behavioral/lifestyle change, public health education, social research of behavior and health

  8. Epidemiology A. investigates disease outbreaks B. participates in fieldwork around the world to determine: 1. causes of diseases/injury 2. risks of specified diseases or injuries 3. which populations are at risk for specific diseases/injuries 4. methods to prevent further health incidents C. biostatistics are often used in conjunction with epidemiology to predict and track disease trends

  9. Health Service Administration / Management • combines business and science in the managing of human and monetary resources needed to deliver effective public health services • specializes in planning and organization of policies; responsible for analysis, finance, economics, and marketing of health services

  10. Maternal and Child Health • provides information and access to birth control • promotes health of pregnant women and unborn child • improves public health delivery systems specifically for women • and children through advocacy, education, and research

  11. Nutrition • field examines how food and nutrients affect wellness and lifestyle of population • sponsors healthy eating and exercise awareness • educates community about dangers of both obesity and over dieting

  12. Public Health Laboratory Practice • laboratory professionals • (microbiologists, biochemists, pathologists) who test biological and environmental samples in order to help diagnose prevent, treat, and control diseases in communities • ensure safety of public food and water • screen for presence of certain diseases within communities • respond to public health emergencies (e.g. infectious disease outbreaks, bioterrorism)

  13. Public Health Policy • works to improve the public’s health through legislation at local, state, and federal levels • example: seat belt laws

  14. Global (International) Health • global public health professionals who address health concerns among different cultures around the world • works towards health challenges that transcend national boundaries • this international field encompasses virtually all specializations of public health • Impact of Public Health • Improvement of populations quality of life • increase in life expectancy • world-wide reduction of infant and child mortality • elimination or reduction of many communicable diseases