Prs 201 public relations theory and practice assignment
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Public Relations Theory and Practice Assignment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Get free solution of Public Relations Theory Practice Assignment by Assignment help melbourne in which we discuss strategies and approaches of PR.

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Prs 201 public relations theory and practice assignment

Public Relations Theory and Practice Assignment

PRS 201 Public Relations Theory and Practice Assignment

Publics in the bp and queensland floods case studies
publics in the BP and Queensland Floods case studies.


The  Public in this BP case  were the customers, contractors, employees, stakeholders of BP, the employees who died and the dependent family members, congressmen , USA Government, insurance companies, shipping lines, equity markets, shipping lines, oil industry, environmentalist,  fisher folk, the marine ecosystem who were affected by the onset of the tragedy.

Segment and prioritise identify the publics
Segment and Prioritise Identify the Publics?

Both the incidents had caused inconvenience to the internal and external publics. To prioritise the segments that were affected by the BP case are the internal part of the BP company and the one’s in the immediate external periphery which would include the frontline employees, deceased employees and the dependent family members, fishing community, ecosystem around the accident place., financial institutes, media, administration officials, top project management, action groups, business associates, stakeholders, local and federal government, coastline that is affected, customers and general public.

Different approaches were adopted by the leaders in the two cases
Different approaches were adopted by the leaders in the two cases.

A Leader is known by the qualities he possess and the words he uses to keep his team motivated and the most important thing is that he is able to keep the trust that his team members have on him. Any adverse situation whether it is due to the natural conditions or human fault one has to deal with it in a composed and strategic management.  The real test of a leader is at the time of crisis.

Bp leader hayward used the following approach
BP leader Hayward used the following approach:

  • The inappropriate behavior at the time of crisis. I want my life back is what the CEO Hayward told to the media.

  • The stakeholders were not addressed for their concerns at the hour of crunch therefore causing harm to the company and the stakeholders. Public Relation theory and practice emphasizes the importance of communication at the time of emergency.(wolf & mejrinNd)

  • Blame game, apology, avoiding questions was the kind of unplanned approach used.

  • The leader did not take up the responsibility of the crisis rather tried to distance himself from the situation.

Queensland premier anna bligh used the following approach

  • Government showed low risk taking behavior

  • The flood alleviation work was executed with ineffective approaches.

  • Climate conditions were not well communicated.

  • Improper infrastructure development unable to resilient to the flood damage.

  • Besides using the ecological approach to handle the situation unstructured methods were adopted (hussy & pittock, 2013).

  • These approaches were adopted during these two cases.(hussy & pintock 2013)

Define corporate image how does it differ from corporate reputation
Define Corporate Image. How does it differ from Corporate Reputation?

Corporate image is the mental picture that is created about the company depending on the insight that an individual has about the company. Corporate reputation is the public picture about the company defining its abilities and qualities. The corporate image of the company might be good but the reputation could be bad among the public. According to public relations by conscious efforts like using mass media, social media good corporate image can be created and a summation of these images helps in creation of the corporate reputation.(balmer &greyer,2003).

If you had been the ceo of bp what different strategies and tactics would you have
 If you had been the CEO of BP what different strategies and tactics would you have?

the deep water explosion was a segregation of mistakes that had been done much before the fatal day. The PR personnel should have handled the situation in a better and they should have been cautious about the information that was being made available to the media as well as the others, the warnings that were given to them was being overheard, the blame game was being played and faulty blow-out preventer. Their main era of concern was profit and cost cutting was their concern therefore they overlooked the prediction of explosion and did not even take any precautionary measures.

Public relations theory and practice assignment

Email: and tactics would you have?