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Safer Bromley Partnership

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Safer Bromley Partnership. Working together to tackle domestic violence. Chris Smart Detective Chief Inspector Bromley Borough Police. Scope of Presentation. Policing DV – A Brief History The Bromley Position MPA Presentation viewed through a case study

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Safer Bromley Partnership

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safer bromley partnership

Safer Bromley Partnership

Working together to tackle domestic violence

Chris Smart

Detective Chief Inspector

Bromley Borough Police

scope of presentation
Scope of Presentation
  • Policing DV – A Brief History
  • The Bromley Position
  • MPA Presentation viewed through a case study
        • Tackling domestic violence – MPS Risk Model
        • Keeping survivors safe and preventing further attacks
        • Supporting survivors
        • Preventing domestic violence...


        • Continuous improvement
10 years ago
10 years ago

Crash scene

  • Introduction of Community Safety Units (CSU).
  • Macpherson report.
  • Protection from Harassment Act 1997.
  • Initial strategy – encouraging victims to report.
  • 1998 – 60,000 incidents in London.
  • 2005 – 110,000 incidents in London.
  • 1 in 8 cases GBH
  • 1 in 4 cases ABH
  • 1 in 4 murders linked to Domestic Violence.
we got it wrong
We got it wrong

Vicky Horgan & Emma Walton

Clare Bernal

Hayley Richards

Rana Faruqui

Tania Moore

Colette Lynch

current policy
Current Policy
  • Positive action.
  • Enhanced level of victim care.
  • Safety of victims is paramount – especially if children are involved.
bromley position 08 09
Bromley Position – 08/09
  • 2106 recorded DV offences – 19% increase on 07/08.
  • 1365 arrests made (65%, highest ever recorded arrest rate).
  • 42% of cases were charged or cautioned.
  • No DV homicides.
  • Victim gender – 80% female:20%male.
victim profile
Victim profile
  • 55% are self defined as white British.
  • 80% are aged between 20-49 years old.

Suspect profile

  • 80% are aged between 20-49 years old.
case study
Case Study
  • 19th October 01.43hrs
  • Police are called to the home of Vietnamese family. The father of the
  • family has returned home drunk and is attempting to throw his wife out of the property which he has started to smash up.
  • The call comes from the daughter of the family, Mum’s English is not good. Police arrive on scene and the suspect has left. There is considerable damage at the property.
  • Police leave the scene. The advice to the family ‘If he comes back, don’t let him and call 999'.
the same night 0321hrs
…….the same night 0321hrs
  • Another call, same location, the suspect is back at address. Police arrive and he is still on scene.
  • Positive action taken?
  • Suspect advised to leave the scene to sober up and not to come back until he had done so!
and eventually 0705hrs
……and eventually 0705hrs
  • Early turn are called to the address. Once on scene officers discover the mother of the family has been stabbed to death. The suspect is not on scene.
  • The suspect later gives himself into custody and in interview states that the victim had disrespected him by wearing a short sleeve shirt in the presence of his parents the previous day. She also had him ejected from his home by the police.
some of the failings
………….Some of the failings
  • No attempt at risk identification at 2 previous calls
  • No history searches by attending officers
  • No effective investigation
  • Four previous incidents of violence by suspect against his wife
  • 26 months custody for GBH. No abuse programme
  • No notification by Police to Social Services regarding children
  • No support provided for victim
initial actions and options open to police
Initial Actions and Options Open to Police
  • Arrive within 12 minutes (Citizen promise)
  • Medical attention
  • Secure and begin to interpret scene (digital camera, head cams)
  • Secure and record evidence (124D, including risk assessment)
  • Ensure immediate safety of victim and children (relatives, hospital, arrest suspect)
mps dv risk model specss 3 parts to model
MPS DV Risk Model (SPECSS+)3 parts to model
  • Risk identification and intervention by Initial investigating officer (124d and SPECSS+)
  • Supervisor and investigating officer
  • Safety planning: intervention options

Separation/child contact

Pregnancy / new birth


Community issues / isolation


Sexual assault


the plus signs
The ‘plus signs’
  • Use of weapons/credible threats to kill
  • Strangulation, suffocation, drowning attempts
  • Suicidal/homicidal tendencies
  • Morbid jealousy, acute controlling behaviour
  • Pets abused
  • Substance/alcohol misuse
  • Mental health
  • Victims fear
  • Children abused
  • Arrest if on scene
  • Search of Area
  • All known addresses
  • Manhunt
  • Criminal Justice Process
keeping survivors safe and preventing further attacks
Keeping Survivors Safe and Preventing Further Attacks
  • Panic alarms.
  • Special schemes.
  • Victim Support.

Sanctuary Scheme

(Safer Bromley Van).

  • Women’s Aid.
  • Housing.
supporting survivors
Supporting Survivors

One Stop Shop

DV Text Line

DV Travel Fund

Bromley Advocacy Service

Safer Bromley Partnership

Bromley DV Forum

preventing domestic violence
Preventing Domestic Violence
  • Freedom Programme.
  • Training.
  • Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme (IDAP).
aims of marac
Aims of MARAC
  • To reduce repeat victimisation.
  • To increase well-being of victims.
  • To safeguard victims & their children.
  • To address safety of agency staff.
how does it work
How does it work ?
  • Referral to MARAC coordinator.
  • Research of all Police & partner/agency databases & risk assessment made.
  • Monthly partnership meetings to review each case & to agree a joint action plan of activity.
role of marac coordinator
Role of MARAC coordinator
  • To collate & research all information & intelligence held on each subject.
  • To maintain & circulate information to all agencies.
  • To liaise with all agencies & ensure agreed action takes place.
action based
Action based
  • Review
  • Timescales
  • Responsibility
  • Accuracy
  • Volunteer
referral process
Referral Process
  • Who can refer ?
  • Consent
  • How ?
  • CAADA risk assessment
  • Who presents ?
referral process a plea
Referral Process – A Plea

Victim Support Met Police

LBB DV Co-coordinator LBB Housing

Women’s Aid Social Services

Primary Care Trust CAFCASS

LBB Education Services SLFHA

Mental Health Authority Hyde Housing

Probation Service

Domestic Abuse Advocates

Broomleigh Housing

continuous improvement
Continuous Improvement
  • London Mainstream Model.
  • Virtual Courts.
  • Women Achieving Together.
  • Body Worn Video Cameras.
mpa response
MPA response
  • Excellent partnership working.
  • Proactive work on the borough – Somali women’s group.
  • Development of new projects – DV text line & DV travel fund.
  • Inclusion of DV in LAA & stretching of targets.

“ The enthusiasm of all those present at the meeting was evident & demonstrated a genuine commitment to tackle domestic violence, which is undoubtedly at the heart of the borough’s success.”

MPA DV Scrutiny committee Nov 2008