cap support in esri s open source geoportal server l.
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CAP Support in Esri’s Open Source Geoportal Server PowerPoint Presentation
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CAP Support in Esri’s Open Source Geoportal Server

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CAP Support in Esri’s Open Source Geoportal Server - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CAP Support in Esri’s Open Source Geoportal Server
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Presentation Transcript

  1. WMO Information System (WIS)CAP Implementation Workshop Geneva, 6-7April 2011 Clive Reece ( CAP Support in Esri’s Open Source Geoportal Server

  2. CAN Geoportal Server be used to support CAP ? Outline • Geoportal Server and WIS • Analysis of CAP specification and system requirements • Implementation of CAP using Geoportal Server • Next Steps

  3. Geoportal Server and WMO-WIS WMO Weather Information Systems (WIS) need capabilities to • Enable user discovery of weather data, products, and services • Broker user access to data, products, and services

  4. So, what does Geoportal Server do? …

  5. Geoportal Server Completes the SDI Platform Inventory and Catalog Search and Discovery Access and Distribution Providers Consumers

  6. Geoportal Server • Customizable web site starter • Search metadata and preview geospatial resources • Manage, publish, and store metadata • View live map services • Download data • CSW and REST endpoints = Use in Many Other Clients

  7. Open Source Geoportal Server •

  8. Geoportal Server Components Support client apps and widgets GeoportalWebsite Starter Content ManagementSystems (3rd Party) REST API GeoRSS/KML Expose service endpoints CSW REST (ATOM, GeoRSS, KML, HTML, JSON) OpenSearch OAI-PMH Z39.50 Geoportal CatalogService Add-Ins for ArcGIS Desktop ArcGIS Explorer Search Widgets (Flex, Silverlight, Javascript)

  9. CAP Review … CAP is an XML schema 1.3 Structure of the CAP Alert Message Each CAP Alert Message consists of an <alert> segment, which may contain one or more <info> segments, each of which may include one or more <area> and/or <resource> segments. <alert> * <info> * <resource> * <area>

  10. CAP Alerting Process

  11. Analysis:How Could CAP be leveraged in Geoportal?

  12. Implementing CAP with Geoportal Server …

  13. Step 1. Create a CAP schema definition

  14. Step 2 – Question for deployment • … Should WMO metadata from a WIS node get mixed in the same service as CAP? • Recommend to keep them separate so that CAP client software doesn’t get confused or need to filter between CAP messages and other WIS metadata documents Mixed catalog CAP Catalog Wis Catalog OR WIS metadata CAP alert WIS metadata CAP alert

  15. Step 3 – Display of the <area> description? • This issue really belongs in the realm of the CAP client software that reads and displays the message.

  16. MASAS Hub II Consuming Tool for Flex

  17. Step 4. Aggregating other CAP feeds • Registry of CAP Feeds • Harvest multiple feeds into a single CAP catalog • Provide distributed search of CAP feeds Demo …

  18. Summary So where does that leave us? Were we successful in supporting CAP with Geoportal? Yes … no programming needed, just custom configuration following the documentation. Things to be continued and improved upon: Customize search User Interface for the CAP-specific ontology Improve tools for creating and displaying the union of the <area> options

  19. Next Steps Post work to date on Geoportal sourceForge Foster user contributions and feedback Resources The one URL to know: • Documentation/JavaDoc links • How to contribute code • Link to sourceForgepage

  20. Questions?