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KICK-OFF TO COLLEGE APPLICATIONS. Class of 2011. Student’s Responsibilities in the Application Process. Deciding on final list of colleges Getting the applications Completing the applications Procuring other pertinent information.

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  2. Student’s Responsibilities in the Application Process • Deciding on final list of colleges • Getting the applications • Completing the applications • Procuring other pertinent information

  3. Parents’, Counselors’ and College Counselors’ Responsibilities in the Application Process • Provide support • Provide guidance • Provide assistance

  4. Deciding: Where to apply • An on-going sorting and selecting process • The best Final List must include combination of: • “reach” school • “possible” schools • “probable/likely admits” • “financial safety” • ALL OF WHICH YOU WILL BE HAPPY TO ATTEND!

  5. Terms for Prediction • REACH • “dream” schools where admission chances are thought to be unlikely based on transcript and test scores • “toss up” schools that are a reach for anyone (usually have admit rates between 7%-20%) • POSSIBLE • Closely meet the academic expectations, but the college/university receives more qualified applicants than they can admit.

  6. Terms for Prediction • PROBABLE/LIKELY ADMIT • Chances for admissions are very strong • A “safety” is so much harder to call today! • FINANCIAL SAFETY (typically an IL state university but not always) • A place that parents can afford …if, financial package is weak at all other schools …if, family financial situation changes: economy, unemployment

  7. Deciding: How many should I apply to? • It depends! • Finding a “reasonable” number is much harder these days • If you are happy with the schools where you stand the strongest chances of admission, then the final list can be a lower number

  8. Admission Options • Rolling Admission - apply in the fall/early winter and receive decision 2-8 weeks after application submitted • Priority – apply in fall (occasionally early winter) and receive a decision in winter. Applying by a priority deadline can often give a student an advantage when space is limited. • Regular Admission - apply in fall/early winter and receive decision on a specific date in the spring

  9. Admission Options • Early Action - apply in fall, receive decision in early winter, student has until May 1 to deposit • *Early Decision I - apply in fall, receive decision in winter, binding commitment to attend if admitted • *Early Decision II – apply in winter, receive decision in winter, binding commitment to attend if admitted • *Restrictive Early Action - apply in fall, be admitted in early winter, student has until May 1 to deposit • *Students may only submit 1 application Early Decision or Restrictive Early Action.

  10. Common Application • Application used by over 415 colleges • Students create an account at www.commonapp.org • Students complete one application and submit it to multiple schools • Large FAQ section website (use it!) • Most schools have a supplement which must also be submitted

  11. Common Application • Provides option for counselors and teachers to complete and submit recommendations on-line. • Counselors will submit forms on-line. • Talk with teachers individually to determine their preferences.

  12. What is needed for a complete application? • Application - on-line (preferred) or paper - Essays (usually) • Activities and honors information • Arts Supplement (if applicable) • Application fee (credit card, check or fee waiver request) • Student Signature (electronic or handwritten) • Parent Signature (usually only for Early Decision)

  13. What else is needed for a complete application? • Official Transcript • Official Test Score Report • Teacher Letter of Recommendation (usually) • Counselor Letter of Recommendation and/or Secondary School Report Form (usually) • Interview (optional) • Audition/Portfolio (if applicable)

  14. Transcript Requests • Transcripts are requested on-line through Docufide Secure Transcript • Very exciting!

  15. Test Scores • ACT/SAT and SAT Subject Test scores must be sent directly from the testing agency. www.actstudent.org and www.collegeboard.com • In some cases it is advisable to send more than one test score. • A very small number of colleges, typically those with highly selective admissions, require that students submit scores from all tests taken. Check the college’s website.

  16. Test Scores • It is strongly encouraged that you request test scores now. It can often take 3-6 weeks for scores to be received. Do not “RUSH” scores. • If taking an ACT this fall, consider sending one score now if your current score falls within their published range. In some cases applications will not be considered complete until a score is received.

  17. Teacher Recommendations • How many? • 0,1,2 • Who? • The one(s) who know you best as a learner in their class • Best if junior year • Okay to have one sophomore year • Cannot use senior year if applying early • Visual and Performing Arts are usually supplemental recommendations • Language teachers are sometimes not permitted. This is rare!

  18. Teacher Recommendations • Complete the Teacher Recommendation Request Summary unless the teacher provides you with his/her own summary form. • This form clarifies to which school they are sending a recommendation, which type of form they should use and when it is due. • Talk with teachers about the option of submitting forms on-line (i.e. Common Application schools) • If your teacher is submitting forms via US mail you must give them a stamped, addressed envelope for each recommendation. Do not put your return address.

  19. Teacher Recommendations • If applying via the Common Application and your teachers will NOT be submitting the forms on-line, you only need to give the teacher 1 copy of the recommendation form and he/she will make copies. You must provide a stamped envelope addressed to each school. • Remember to complete the student information part of the form and waive your right to access the letter. • Only use the gold HPHS Request for Recommendation if the college does not provide a form. All Common App schools have a form!

  20. Teacher Recommendations • Students must ask teachers at least 15 school days ahead of deadline • Inform teachers of ACCURATE deadlines for each college/university • Be clear with actual needs and do not ask 3 teachers for a recommendation if only 1 is necessary • Many teachers only do a limited number – ask early and follow up with a thank you letter to the teacher. • Student should call the schools to confirm letter was received

  21. Counselor Recommendations • Recommendations are not required by all colleges. • Student must meet with counselor to discuss content before recommendation will be written. • It is the student’s responsibility to inform the counselor of things he/she would like highlighted in the recommendation • Student and Parent Questionnaire forms should be turned in before or at the meeting. • Appointment must be scheduled a minimum of 15 school days prior to the first application deadline.

  22. Counselor Recommendations • What I Need (W.I.N.) form must accompany all counselor recommendation requests. • Recommendation requests for schools NOT on the Common Application must also include a stamped envelope addressed to the Office of Admission. HPHS should be used as the return address. Do not use student name and home address.

  23. Sample Envelope ___________________________________________________________________ Highland Park High School STAMP 433 Vine Ave GOES Highland Park, IL 60035 HERE North Shore University Office of Admission 1234 College Street College town, UT 60134 __________________________________________________________

  24. Secondary School Report (SSR) Forms for schools NOT on the Common Application • Not all schools have an SSR or a counselor signature page. • Complete the student information part of the form (including senior year classes, if required) and waive your right to access. • Forms must be submitted to your counselor with a stamped, addressed envelope.

  25. Secondary School Report (SSR) Forms for schools NOT on the Common Application • Forms must be submitted no less than 15 school days prior to the application deadline. • Forms are to be turned in directly to the counselor during a scheduled appointment or walk-in times • Forms cannot be dropped off with Mrs. Gomez or Ms. Giulietti-Schmitt

  26. Secondary School Report (SSR) Forms for schools ON the Common Application • Students must have an active Common App account • Complete (at a minimum) the Applicant and Current Year Course Information • Sign Release Authorization • Invite your guidance counselor to be a recommender by inputting his/her name and email address • SSR form cannot be submitted until transcript has been requested from Docufide. • Can track when SSR and recommendation were submitted

  27. Critical Deadlines Deadlines for Requesting Counselor Recommendations and submitting SSR Forms: • October 8 for November 1 deadlines • October 22 for November 15 deadlines • November 23 for January 1 deadlines • December 17 for January 15 deadlines

  28. Essays • Essay Writing Workshop in English classes on Friday, September 3. • Sample essays available in the CRC. • Mr. Morrison, Ms. Gilbert and Ms. Giulietti-Schmitt are happy to review essays • Utilize the Writing Lab and English teachers

  29. Fee Waivers • Families for whom the application fees are a hardship may be eligible for fee waivers. • Forms are available from your counselor. • Students should talk with the counselor to discuss eligibility.

  30. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign • Visiting HPHS on Thursday, Sept 2 at 2:00 pm in the CRC • Postmarked priority deadline of November 1 • All HPHS students should submit applications by the priority deadline • No recommendations will be considered with the application • Most students will receive a decision on Friday, December 17 • Applying during this period may give a student an advantage when space is limited

  31. Naviance/Family Connection • Students MUST have an active account with Naviance • Add colleges of interest to My Colleges • Can track if counselor recommendations and SSR forms for non Common Application schools were mailed from HPHS. • Great way for students to determine chances for admission by examining stats from previous years.

  32. Naviance/Family Connection • Important that students update their email addresses so we can contact them. • Forgot password? Go to tcci.naviance.com/hphs to request new password. • Forgot username? Email Ms. Giulietti- Schmitt. • Never registered? See Ms. Giulietti-Schmitt • Parents with multiple HPHS students can link accounts! Contact Ms. Giulietti-Schmitt

  33. Financial Aid Information • In addition to the FAFSA many private universities require the CSS Profile which can be submitted in the fall. www.collegeboard.com • Most early decision candidates who are applying for financial aid will be required to complete a CSS Profile BY the early decision deadline • Financial Aid Night – January 12 at 7:00 p.m. at HPHS

  34. Financial Aid Information • All schools require the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which is available on-line in December. File the FAFSA between January 1 and February 15. www.fafsa.ed.gov • Families can complete an estimator now to determine eligibility www.fafsa4caster.ed.gov

  35. COLLEGE REP VISITS • Date and time of a college’s visit is listed in Naviance • A weekly schedule is posted on the Counseling bulletin board outside the CRC and on the Counseling Department website • Must sign up in advance via Naviance • Clear with teacher prior to visit

  36. College Counselors • College Counselors have walk-in hours only August 25, 26 and 27. • Scheduled appointments with College Counselors begin August 30. • Students must meet with the same counselor they met with last Spring.

  37. Ms. Giulietti-Schmitt (aka Ms. G-S) With a background in Admissions there are many things she can help with: • Mock interviews • Essay review • Utilizing Naviance • Application completion • FAFSA completion • Scholarship searches


  39. Docufide Secure Transcript • Register at www.docufide.com • Select the correct Highland Park HS • Input Student ID (not SS#) • Use your proper name (as it would appear in student records) • DO NOT use your school e-mail

  40. Docufide Secure Transcript 2. Request a Transcript to a non-Common App school • Follow the steps, e-mail confirmation when properly completed, failure e-mail if not

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