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Sandra Hayes Senior Project Manager

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Sandra Hayes Senior Project Manager. The Log Pile Project. NEF Renewables A Department of The National Energy Foundation. Promoting and aiding the use of wood as renewable energy. The Log Pile. A three year project (2002- 2005) supported by the Government’s Environmental Action Fund

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sandra hayes senior project manager
Sandra HayesSenior Project Manager

The Log Pile Project

NEF Renewables

A Department of The National Energy Foundation

the log pile

Promoting and aiding the use of wood as renewable energy

The Log Pile

A three year project (2002- 2005) supported by the Government’s Environmental Action Fund

two strands
Two Strands
  • To promote the use of all types of wood fuel
  • To promote specifically the utilisation of wood pellets in wood pellet boilers and stoves.
promoting wood fuel
Promoting Wood Fuel
  • Expanding existing database of wood fuel suppliers.
  • Website ( an on-line search facility for those looking for a local supply of sustainable wood fuel.
  • Expansion of existing Freephone service to make this information available over the phone (0800 138 0889).
promoting wood pellet stoves and boilers
Promoting Wood Pellet Stoves and Boilers
  • Information on the website.
  • Publicity leaflets.
  • Information sheets and case studies.
  • Work with British BioGen to maintain and update their existing database of wood pellet fuel suppliers and pellet fired heating appliances.
  • Work with individuals and community groups to bring about the installation of wood pellet heating systems and stoves.
wood pellets
Manufactured from waste products such as sawdust.

No chemical additives needed.

Low moisture content (6 -10%).

High density.

Consistent size (usually 6 or 8mm).

Can be used in automatic clean burn appliances.

Wood Pellets

Now being manufactured in the UK.

pellet stoves
First introduced in the USA in the 1980’s.

Temperature and timer controls.

Fans that distribute warm air around the room.

Automatic Ignition.

High efficiencies (up to 90%).

Hopper containing enough fuel for 1 to 3 days.

Pellet Stoves
pellet boilers
Pellet Boilers
  • Fully automatic.
  • Use advanced microprocessors to control the amount of fuel and air supplied to the combustion chamber.
  • Cope with variable load demands and can be operated on a timer.
  • Very efficient producing only small amounts of ash.
pellet delivery
Pellet Delivery

The Options

  • Tanker Lorry – pneumatic handling
  • 1m3 “Big Bags”
  • Bagged Fuel (15-25kg)

Ref: Dr Robin Cotton, Renewable Heat & Power Ltd

competitively priced heating
Competitively Priced Heating

Fuel pence per kWh

  • Electricity 3.9 - 7.6
  • LPG 2.4 - 8.8
  • Oil 2.2 - 3.21
  • Wood Pellets in bulk2 1.8 - 2.2

(figures courtesy of WelshBiofuels)


  • Based on price for heating oil in Wales Sept 02
  • ‘Bulk’ is the term for pellets sold loose and usually stored in an external silo not in bags with a minimum quantity of 5 tonnes.
  • Figures exclude the Climate Change Levy from which wood fuel is exempt.

The Earth Centre, Doncaster

2002 replaced existing log boiler with a EcoTec A3 25kW boiler from Sweden.

Ash pan requires emptying after about two weeks use.

Installed cost in the region of £7.5k + VAT.

Uses 8mm wood pellets.

Fed from a remote silo by 4m auger pipe.

contact details
Contact Details

Sandra Hayes

Project Manager

National Energy Foundation

Davy Avenue


Milton Keynes


Telephone 01908 665555