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Electronic Note Cards: Before the Russian Revolution

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Electronic Note Cards: Before the Russian Revolution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Electronic Note Cards: Before the Russian Revolution. By: Juan Carlos Pineda. Card 1. Source: http://www.marxists.org/archive/reed/1919/aspects.htm Subject: Russian Society Social aspect before the Revolution of 1905 Keywords: Russian Revolution, Bolshevism, freedom, labor, exploiters.

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card 1
Card 1
  • Source: http://www.marxists.org/archive/reed/1919/aspects.htm
  • Subject: Russian Society Social aspect before the Revolution of 1905
  • Keywords: Russian Revolution, Bolshevism, freedom, labor, exploiters.
  • Abstract:“Many attempts have been made by the workers to overthrow their exploiters, and to enjoy the fruits of their labor, in the words of John Ball, “without money and without price.” Every attempt up to now has been crushed in blood and fire— the slave insurrections of Rome, the Communist risings in the Middle Ages, the Paris Commune of 1871, and the Russian Revolution of 1905. In Socialism the working class for the first time based its aspiration to freedom on scientific fact. Bolshevism is Socialism put into practice. Today the workers are becoming conscious of their power and ability to win the world for Labor. They always had the power, and sometimes the wish. But they lacked the will and the knowledge of the way. Bolshevism is the will and the way.” Socially the Russian peasants and workers were not treated very good so they made this group that were called Bolsheviks, this were rebels because the high class in Russia enjoyed the power they had with what this people worked on. Their was no equality socially and there was a big gap between every social class.
card 2
Card 2
  • Source: http://www.thecorner.org/hist/russia/revo1905.htm
  • Subject: Russian Society Political aspect before the Revolution of 1905
  • Keywords: Autocratic, control, ruled as he liked.
  • Abstract:Up to the end of the 19th century, Russia was an autocratic country. It was ruled by an autocratic Czar. He ruled as he liked. His will was the sole source of law, of taxation and justice. He controlled the army and all the officials. Through his special position on the Holy Synod, he controlled even religious affairs. In my opinion this Tsar had lots of difficulty being fair with all the population in Russia since he was very autocratic and tyrannized. He also had lots of control over many other powers.
card 3
Card 3
  • Source:http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/RUS1905.htm
  • Subject: Russian Society Economical aspect before the Revolution of 1905
  • Keywords: Prices rose, serfs, better conditions, life.
  • Abstract:Prices of Essential goods rose up, most of the people were serfs, people asked for better conditions of lifestyle, the serfs could be sold as slaves, Many of the people lived a poor life compared to the good life of the Tsar. In respect of the economical situation the Russians had in this time in history it was very shameful since the Tsar was the only one with a good life conditions and more than 70 percent of the people were peasants.
card 4
Card 4
  • Source: http://www.barnsdle.demon.co.uk/russ/rusrev.html
  • Subject: Socially Before the Russian Revolution of 1917
  • Keywords: oppression, urban industrialized workers, peasant villagers.
  • Abstract: The rapid industrialization of Russia also resulted in urban overcrowding and poor conditions for urban industrial workers. The social causes of the Russian Revolution mainly came from centuries of oppression of the lower classes by the Tsarist regime, and Nicholas's failures in World War I. Finally, the soldiers themselves, who suffered from a lack of equipment and protection from the elements, began to turn against the Tsar. peasant villagers who migrated to and from industrial and urban environments, but also by the migration of city culture into the village through material goods, the press, and word of mouth. Joseph Stalin was also a man that killed many workers. The people was in discontent by the reign of Joseph Stalin and because he was killing many people, besides that their was more industrialization and the defeat in World War ! Brought discontent.
card 5
Card 5
  • Source: http://www.emayzine.com/lectures/russianrev.html
  • Subject: Russian Society Political aspect before the Revolution of 1917
  • Keywords: Autocratic, Revolt, Power
  • Abstract: Series of events in imperial Russia that culminated in 1917 with the establishment of the Soviet state that became known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). The two successful revolutions of 1917 are referred to collectively as the Russian Revolution. The first revolution overthrew the autocratic imperial monarchy. It began with a revolt on February 23 to 27, 1917, according to the Julian, or Old Style, calendar then in use in Russia. The second revolution, which opened with the armed insurrection of October 24 and 25, organized by the Bolshevik Party against the Provisional Government, effected a change in all economic, political, and social relationships in Russian society; it is often designated the Bolshevik, or October, Revolution. Russia politically was suffering many issues they were having autocratic monarchies that did what the wanted to do. This began a series of disagreements and ended up as a revolt because of all the bad decision that the emperor wanted.
card 6
Card 6
  • Source: http://www.spiritus-temporis.com/russian-revolution-of-1917/causes-of-the-russian-revolution.html
  • Subject: RussianRevolution of 1917 Economically
  • Keywords: Shortage, hunger, few, effectively.
  • Abstract:The economic causes of the Russian Revolution were based largely on the Czar's bad management, compounded by World War I. he result was widespread shortages of food and materials. Factory workers had to endure terrible working conditions, including twelve to fourteen hour days and low wages. Many riots and strikes for better conditions and higher wages broke out. What few supplies were available could not be effectively transported. The Tsar did not give many good things economically to the Russian Society and most importantly the world War 1 defeat was very harsh for them since they lost many money and many supplies. There was also many low wages in which many people didn´t agree in.