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EGL My Transition. Jake Berberich Principal, Xavier Group Roanoke, VA. Background. Started with S/32 Construction, Medical, Retail, 3PL Independent Consultant last 4 years Retail, Manufacturing, Government, Distribution Like 4GL Languages Been searching…. Evaluated.

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Egl my transition

EGLMy Transition

Jake Berberich

Principal, Xavier Group

Roanoke, VA

Xavier Group


  • Started with S/32

  • Construction, Medical, Retail, 3PL

  • Independent Consultant last 4 years

    • Retail, Manufacturing, Government, Distribution

  • Like 4GL Languages

  • Been searching….

Xavier Group


  • Didn’t want the MS route

  • Becoming a Java guy

  • Generators for RPG/CGI

  • PHP on the System i

Xavier Group

Important from system i perspective
Important from System i Perspective

  • Access to legacy data

  • Learning Curve

  • Leverage existing skill sets

  • Reuse tested tried and true code algorithms

  • Platform Loyalty

Xavier Group

Chose egl
Chose EGL

  • Stars and Planets Aligned

  • Client Needs a Web Solution

  • Had to be Custom App

  • Virtually Committed to Adopting EGL

Xavier Group

What i avoided
What I avoided

  • Needing to learn Java

  • Other syntax intensive language

  • HTML coding

  • Migrating away from System i

Xavier Group

Positioned to
Positioned to

  • Leverage Existing Technology Investment

  • Modernize Incrementally

  • Pick Right Tool for Right Opportunity

  • Mix Match Hybrid Technology

Xavier Group


  • Avoid a Dinosaurs' Fate

  • Stay with the System i

  • Deploy UI Experience 2nd to *NONE

Xavier Group

Learning curve for legacy guy
Learning Curve for Legacy Guy

  • Eclipse Workbench

  • Binding Attributes to variables/functions

  • Event Driven Run Time

  • Result Sets vs. RPG Full Procedural Files

  • Problem Determination –

    • Interpretation of WAS Server Console

    • Run time HTTP errors

Xavier Group

Rich system i tool box
Rich System i Tool Box

  • Call your RPG and CLP routines


  • Data Area

  • Logon authentication example

  • Data Queue access have not used

  • Technique for accessing file members

Xavier Group

Development attributes
Development Attributes

  • Content Assist (like F4)

  • Annotate errors as you type

  • Validate variable definition and ‘end’ tags

  • Quick compile even for complex functions

  • Compile/Run Cycle – Immediate Gratification

Xavier Group

Built into the tooling
Built into the Tooling

  • Paging Functions – (Antidotal Story)

  • Category Groups

  • Row Select Tool Bar or Combo Box

  • In place edit of row content

Xavier Group

Modus operandi
Modus operandi

  • Right time for the right tool

  • Combined access of data SQL and RPG

  • SQL function to populate sub-file arrays

  • MVC

  • RPG for record level access CRUD

  • Perform heavy data edits or manipulation with RPG

Xavier Group

What i like
What I Like

  • Not that one couldn’t….

  • Rich property attributes allow for run-time rendering

  • Populating combo boxes from iSeries table values

  • Radio buttons, check boxes, etc.

Xavier Group


Xavier Group

Suggestions strategic
Suggestions: Strategic

  • Take the on-line class

  • Then supplement with self study

  • Audit classes when possible

  • Attend the periodic Best Practices Presentations

  • RSS feed the Café

  • RBD and JSF PowerPoint's update always have new how-to(s)

  • Know your strengths

  • Co-opt … enabled colleague to do the UI

Xavier Group

Suggestions tactical
Suggestions: Tactical

  • Use Tomcat for development

  • Build Snippet Compendium

  • Content Assist Softens Syntax Minutia

  • Modify Page Designer Template where appropriate

  • Carry Over Techniques – Incremental Testing of logic

Xavier Group

Ever increasing resources
Ever Increasing Resources

  • EGL Café

  • Examples for virtually every presentation view one would find in business

  • More frequent articles by industry pundits

Xavier Group

“What the users don’t know how to do, becomes what the product can’t do.”Courtesy Jon Sayles, IBM EGL Presentation

Xavier Group

Closing thoughts
Closing Thoughts product can’t do.”

  • Context of Business Application

    • Virtually any UI experience

    • For me, no gaps in EGL language capability

  • EGL Choice… no second thoughts

Xavier Group

Xavier group jake berberich

Xavier Group product can’t do.”Jake Berberich

[email protected]

Xavier Group