archival optical disc system government information preservation working group presentation
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Archival Optical Disc System Government Information Preservation Working Group Presentation

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Archival Optical Disc System Government Information Preservation Working Group Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Archival Optical Disc System Government Information Preservation Working Group Presentation. October 14, 2003. Agenda. Introduction Discussion on industry concerns with optical media performance Discussion on the issues causing concerns Proposal for a concept to address concerns

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Presentation Transcript
archival optical disc system government information preservation working group presentation

Archival Optical Disc SystemGovernment Information Preservation Working Group Presentation

October 14, 2003

  • Introduction
  • Discussion on industry concerns with optical media performance
  • Discussion on the issues causing concerns
  • Proposal for a concept to address concerns
  • Request for support from Working Group members to validate concept
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World Headquarters, Oakdale, Minnesota, USA

imation is the only u s based manufacturer of removable media



  • Production Facilities

 Worldwide Headquarters


Imation is the Only U.S.-Based Manufacturer of Removable Media
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Imation’s Advanced Global Technical

Centers Support Customer Needs Worldwide

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issues to be addressed
Issues to be addressed
  • There are many industry concerns regarding reliability and performance of optical media
    • Compatibility - Media / Drive
    • Ease of use
    • Quality of recordings – how to verify
    • Lifetime of media – how long will it last
    • Data obsolescence – will old media read on new drives
  • Concerns expressed by NIST and end-users
    • Business and professional users
    • Home consumers
are concerns real or perceived
Are concerns real or perceived?
  • Current technology is designed for robust performance
    • Technology implementation has large variability
  • Need to be able to verify that the technology is performing safely within specifications
    • Unrecoverable data cannot be the first indicator of a problem
  • Need to verify performance of both media and drive
why is there variability
Why is there variability?
  • Optical is truly a consumer product
    • open format with many media and drive manufacturers
    • vast majority of manufacturers are media only or drive only producers
    • typical media factory has 10’s to 100’s of lines
    • multiple “compatible” formats
    • rapid technology migration
    • extremely cost competitive
what influences long term reliability
What influences long-term reliability?
  • Media
    • Materials
      • Dyes, seal-coats, plastics, metals (reflectors)
    • Robust manufacturing process
      • Mastering through printing / labeling
      • Environmental control
    • Manufacturing control
      • Repeatable process
      • Materials / supplier management
      • Trained and experienced labor force
but its more than just media
But its more than just media…
  • Drive and System Management
    • Recording process
    • Recording speed
    • Data verification
  • Care and Handling
    • Environmental containment (Heat, Light, Moisture, Debris)
    • Scratch-resistance
  • Long lived
    • System migration - utilize latest technology
    • Data migration - avoid costly data conversion
    • Data protection – true write-once media, security
concept proposal archival optical disc system
Concept Proposal – Archival Optical Disc System
  • System based on CD, DVD and Blu-ray standard
    • Not a new disc format
    • Read-out compatible with installed base of optical drives
  • When disc is recorded in drive,
    • Quality of recording (data) is verified at time of recording
    • System will have ability to monitor “health” of disc each time disc is read to ensure long-term reliability
  • Vital information describing recording characteristics is written to disc for on-going audit purposes
    • Timestamp information
    • Version control
    • Drive identifier
  • Disc and drive are enhanced and manufactured for true archival applications
    • Features included beyond required standards and specifications
what we re proposing different
What we’re proposing different
  • Develop system and media manufacturing process that removes the variability of drives and media
    • Leverage combined experiences in design, materials, and manufacturing process selection
    • Optimized to meet long-term reliability requirements
      • Media life certified for >50 years
      • Robust storage and handling
    • Additional features to provide user with verification
considerations recommendations
Considerations / recommendations
  • Start with DVD family products
  • Create lifetime “proof” for DVD media
  • Optimize drives towards lifetime proof media
  • Develop and introduce archive grade discs for Professional archiving and potentially consumer
  • Define robust writing SW application
request to gipwog
Request to GIPWoG
  • Is there need for archive grade media?
    • Or does off-the-shelf product meet requirements?
  • Is DVD the right starting point?
  • What levels of verification or certification would you anticipate?
  • Would you be willing to support us in the measurement and testing?
    • Opportunity / interest to participate in beta testing?
request to gipwog1
Request to GIPWoG
  • Is there a broader role for the GIPWoG to support the acceptance of this system?
    • Within the U.S. Government
    • In the business and professional markets
key contact information
Key Contact Information