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Against Hypertext

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Against Hypertext. A look at Stephanie Strickland’s The Supremely Fictional Importance of Hypertext. Modes of interaction. A look at the process. Interpritive The personal interpritation of content Conection with Reader response Semiotic utilitarian Utilitarian Graphic design

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against hypertext

Against Hypertext

A look at Stephanie Strickland’s The Supremely Fictional Importance of Hypertext

modes of interaction
Modes of interaction

A look at the process

  • Interpritive
    • The personal interpritation of content
    • Conection with
      • Reader response
      • Semiotic
      • utilitarian
  • Utilitarian
    • Graphic design
    • Apparatus
    • (Connection with HCI)
  • Explicit
    • Overt participation
    • Rules in games
    • procedural
  • Cultural participation
    • Outside of single text
    • (Conection with Re-Mix)
systems for explicit interaction beyond the computer
Systems for explicit interaction : beyond the computer

p 3

  • Sports
  • Jazz
  • Games
  • Letters to the editor
  • Architecture
  • Hypertext

All incorporate a dynamic

Content Based

Indebted film or novels



System Based





“While there are examples of emergent texts in non-electronic media, what I am calling system-based interactive texts are much more at home in digital media then content-based ones” p 4

down with text
Down with text
  • --”the ecstasy of play is not merely a matter of literary style.”
  • But if your ambition is to fulfill he unfulfilled promise of “new media”… are best served to look beyond writing, beyond poetry,beyond hypertext” (p5)
problems with hypertext
problems with hypertext
  • Presumes reader will look at ever link
  • Robbed of dynamic consequence
  • Choice = reinforced rigidity of author
  • Based on the presumed superiority of text (p4)

Discussion on open work

Mise-en- scene Artaud

  • Concepts; not Categories(p 155)
  • Forget the computer(p156)
  • Defining to understand not explain(p155)
  • To create new work

Accepts the overlap and is looking for useful differences

Example “in what way might we consider this thing a narrative thing” p157

game story
Game ---- Story
  • Two concepts into four parts
  • Narrative
  • Interactivity
  • Play
  • Game

Goal “to bring insight to their interrelations and provide critical tools for others


Based on J. Hills Miller

  • Has an initial state, a change of state and insight brought on by the change of state.
  • Personification of events through a medium. -representational
  • Representation constructed by patterning and repetition

P 156

  • Cognitive Interactivity or interpretive Participation with a text
  • Functional Interactivity or Utilitarian Participation.
  • Explicit Interactivity or Participation with Design choice
  • Meta-inactivity or cultural Participation with a text
  • Game Play, or Formal Play
  • Ludic Activities, or Informal Play
  • Being Playful (state of mind)

Each is incorporated in the next

“Play is the free space of movement within a more rigid structure. Play exists both because of and also despite the more rigid structures of a system.” p.159
  • A Voluntary interactive activity in which one or more players follow rules that constrain their behavior, enacting an artificial conflict that ends in a quantifiable outcome.

Play emerges as the free space of movement within more rigid structure. p.161

ms pac man
Ms Pac-Man
  • Narrative introduce by cabinet graphics
  • Experience composed of entire arcade game and environment
  • Does not provide the same pleasure as a novel or film…..why should we expect it to?”
games have narrative
Games have Narrative
  • The same elements played out differently
  • Artificial representation
  • Quantifiable
  • How do we capitalize on the unique attributes of games?