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ad hoc network PowerPoint Presentation
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ad hoc network

ad hoc network

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ad hoc network

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  1. Optimal PathSelection on Ad-HocNetworks using FuzzyLogic ŞeymaKaçar Engl 513 AygunOzyahyalar

  2. -Ad-hoc network * -Finding Route Availability -Route and Data Maintenance -Fuzzy optimization on routing ad hoc networks -Conclusion *Extra sub-title to be understood Outline

  3. Centralized version Decentralized version Hotspot connection for the centralized version of wireless communication.Ad hoc as a decentralized wireless communication between two devices.

  4. ***. Ad-hoc networks Ad-hoc networks allows devices to communication between themselves without having a central transmitter such as routers or any stations.

  5. Between two devicesthere might be more than one path. To establish a healthy connection, devices should be connected thru best available connection option. Finding route availability is the way of determine which way is the best option and which are the alternatives. 1. Finding Route Availability Shortest path between two devices

  6. 1.Finding Route Availability-Example Two ants start with equal probabilities of going on either path.Ant taking the “lower” path has a shorter to and fro time from the nest to the food.Network signals are similar to ants, they should reach their target in safe and short way.

  7. Maintaining the connection health is important than establishing connection. Considering the devices are mobile and moving, devices should track their routing options and continuously search for new alternatives. 2.Route and Data Maintenance

  8. New generation mobile phones records wireless connections they previously used. Therefore when the connections are available once again, the mobile phone gets connected on best available wi-fi connection. 2.Route and Data Maintenance-Example

  9. Fuzzy optimization is mostly used by artificial intelligence. By measuring the alternatives of specific action, determines which is the best option. 3.Fuzzy optimization on routing ad hoc networks

  10. In downtown, there 3 market sells snack. One market across the road, the other market crowded, and the another market is the far from two. To choose among them, you prioritize your options first. And pick the best one. 3.Fuzzy optimization on routing ad hoc networks-Example

  11. As a result I introduced you Optimal path selection on ad hoc networks using fuzzy logic. There are three major types. Ad-hoc networking does not need any stations This sytem select best available connection using fuzzy logic. Conclusion

  12. Thank you for your attention and listening. Do you have a question?