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Courts of Women

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Courts of Women. Dowry 25 Nov. 2008 Madanpur Khadar Resettlement colony. To commemorate the International Day against Violence against women, a mini ‘Courts of Women’ was organised on 25 th November 2008 at resettlement colony Madanpur Khadar on dowry related violence.

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courts of women

Courts of Women


25 Nov. 2008

MadanpurKhadar Resettlement colony


To commemorate the International Day against Violence against women, a mini ‘Courts of Women’ was organised on 25th November 2008 at resettlement colony MadanpurKhadar on dowry related violence.

It was not a legal court but an ethical one that appeals to our conscience. The reference point is the truth validating women's experience of combating with it.

The whole event was given a shape of a fair in order to attract people in large numbers. Two thousand five hundred leaflets were distributed in the whole community by the members of MahilaSamooh, ShaktiSamoh, JigyasaSamooh and by the group of young boys.


The main objective of the event was to bring the phenomenon of dowry violence back to the centre of public consciousness that has invisiblised and normalised it despite its criminalisation.

The ‘Courts of Women’ initiated to rethink and analyse the present day scenario of what are the changing faces of dowry.


Panel Members

  • Seema Srivastava, a member of Jagori
  • Sanjay Ghose, Supreme Court Lawyer
course of the programme
Course of the programme
  • The show started with the songs from the women’s movement.
  • Write-ups and posters against dowry were prepared by young boys and girls and were displayed.
  • A game of snakes and ladders was played amongst the young boys and girls where the crowd were asked questions related to dowry and the people took full participation in answering them.
  • After the game, the public were asked to express their views on dowry.

A play called ‘Dahej- EkAbhishaap’ was performed by a group of girls from ShaktiSamooh (a group of aadolescent girls) from Khadarfocussing on this issue and the various names given to dowry like gifts, tradition etc. took place.

  • Testimonies from women affected by dowry were taken up.
  • The panelists provided solutions and suggested ways on how to eradicate this social evil.

Changing faces of dowry

  • Dowry related laws
  • Eradication of dowry
  • Combating women experiences against dowry

Seema Srivastava, one of the panelist described the role of the women’s movement in bringing about changes in the dowry related laws and went on to add the importance of the Courts of Women.

Sanjay Ghose,Supreme Court lawyer gave a basic idea of the laws related to dowry. But he also emphasized that laws alone cannot help in wiping out the practice of dowry from the society until and unless people themselves make an effort to stand against such heinous practices.  


The program ended with a pledge undertaken by all the people present there that they will fight the battle for eradicating the practice of dowry from the society. 

Colorful balloons with printed message against dowry in the sky were very much inspiring.