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All about me! By Emma Berkes PowerPoint Presentation
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All about me! By Emma Berkes

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All about me! By Emma Berkes

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All about me! By Emma Berkes

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  1. All about me!By Emma Berkes Emi Hi!

  2. My name is Emma. I am 11. I’m from Serbia. I have got brown hair and green eyes. I’m tall. Facts about me My address is _________. My phone number is ________ I go to Petőfi Sándor primary school. I’m in year 5. My favourite subjects are Maths, English, History and Geography. This is the center of my town. Vojvodina

  3. Important things to me I love horses,and my favourite kind is Shire. They are 168-180 cm tall.They are black, gray and yellow. My favourite film is The Hunger Games. I watchedit in the cinema. My favourite possessions are my books. When I am bored, I start reading any book. My best friends are Emese and Martina.We are in the same class.They are funny and nice. My favourite place is Hősök tere in Hungary, in Budapest.

  4. Adayinmylife I get up at 7 o’clock. I have breakfast, then I brush my teeth and get dressed. Martina Emese + + I go to bed at half past nine. Good morning! I organise my day with my friends… I go to school at half past seven.I start school at 8 o’clock and I finish school at half past one.I go home and have lunch. I talk with my parents and watch TV.I do my homework and I study from 3 o’clock to 6 o’clock.Then I play the piano or I play computer games.After that I have dinner at half past seven. After dinner I eat ice-cream. My school bag.

  5. My neighbourhood Köztársaság Street Oldtimer Club 中国 Chinese shop Marsala Tita Street Petrol Station Traffic Dózsa György Street Park Smith Bekary Veterinary Child Health Center Zöldfás Street My house Chemist’s Railways

  6. My clothes Sunglasses suit everyone, I also love them. When I was younger, I loved to wearfunny dresses In this photo I’m going to school.It’ a simple school dress. I love going with my mum to the big shopping centres (Arkad, Szeged especially). This is my favourite T-shirt. Mom bought it for me.It’s got a picture of a girl.

  7. My life line Age O I was born inSenta, on 30 September 2003. Age 3 I started kindergarden. Age 4 My brother was born!  Age 7I started primary school, music school and my younger brother was born.  Age 8 I went to Budapest with my family, after that to the seaside. Age 9 I took first Communion. Age 10 I got my dog. His name is Sultan.

  8. Goodbye!