have you heard people talk about foods high in fat that s a hard question n.
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“ (Have you heard people talk about foods high in fat?) That’s a hard question.” PowerPoint Presentation
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“ (Have you heard people talk about foods high in fat?) That’s a hard question.”

“ (Have you heard people talk about foods high in fat?) That’s a hard question.”

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“ (Have you heard people talk about foods high in fat?) That’s a hard question.”

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  1. “(Have you heard people talk about foods high in fat?) That’s a hard question.” 2nd Grade Girl (C)

  2. “We haven’t learned about that in school yet.” 1st Grade Girl (C)

  3. “(Do you know anything about low-fat food?) Are you talking if you’re fat and then you get skinny?” 1st Grade Girl (AA)

  4. “Low fat is like if you eat something that’s less food you get more skinny and you start getting skinny.” 2nd Grade Boy (L)

  5. “Don’t eat fat”

  6. “Don’t eat too much fat. Because it’s bad for your heart.” 2nd Grade Boy (C)

  7. “It looks like it’s all white. It’s sort of like when you push down on it, it’s bouncy. I’ve seen it on meat.” 2nd Grade Boy (C)

  8. “It’s not Grease”

  9. “It’s shiny. It doesn’t really look like anything, but it’s on your french fries if you got them from fast food places.” 1st Grade Girl (C)

  10. “It comes from food. It gets on your pan. And if you rub on it, it feels kind of slippery.” 2nd Grade Boy (C)

  11. How Kids Think

  12. More Healthy Less Healthy In-between Banana Ice cream with sprinkles Vegetable Pizza Cheeseburger Rice How kids think

  13. Banana “Because it’s like a fruit and it helps you. Like a carrot helps you see. I don’t know what a banana does, but it’s healthy. Because my mom says ‘Eat fruits instead of junk.’” 1st Grade Girl (C)

  14. Ice Cream with Sprinkles “Because milk is good for you. It makes you big and strong and it’s not bad for your heart. In this one the chocolate is not healthy. I don’t know what else, but it’s kind of a candy.” 2nd Grade Boy (L)

  15. Vegetable pizza “Pizza, that’s sort of not healthy. Except if you put the vegetables on it, it’s going to be good because it has the vegetables. But if you just have it, it’s sort of more junky maybe.” 1st Grade Girl (C)

  16. Cheeseburger “Anything that has meat is not healthy. Because it has too much junk in it. It makes you gain a lot of pounds.” 2nd Grade Girl (AA)

  17. Rice “They say that rice is healthy, you should eat it. ” 1st Grade Girl (C) “It’s not really junk, but it’s not really healthy. It’s good for you because I think it’s made out of wheat or something. ” 1st Grade Girl (C)

  18. “The Food Pyramid”

  19. The Food Pyramid “I looked on the back of some cereals and they showed you. It had fruits and vegetables, dairy and something I can’t remember.” 2nd Grade Girl (AA)

  20. The Food Pyramid “I learned this from my father. He is going to try to get vitamins from the stores and he has a picture of the pyramid where my mom puts all the cakes.” 2nd Grade Boy (L)

  21. 2. TAKE ACTION What do we want the target to do?

  22. What Exactly Do You Want Them To Do When They Receive Our Message? BE SPECIFIC 22

  23. What Are They Doing Now? Competitive Actions What is their current behavior? Why do they take those actions? 23

  24. Focus Groups – 11-14 year old girls California Obesity Prevention Initiative, 2002

  25. 3. THE REWARD What’s in it for them?

  26. Marketing ExchangeWhat benefits can we offer in exchange for the action? Are they worth the cost?

  27. As marketers we must differentiate between how we see our issue as experts (Attributes) and how our audience views our issue(Perceived Benefits and Costs)

  28. Attributes • Copy: • Longer wheel base • High-rigidity body underpins • 17-inch ventilated disc breaks 28

  29. BenefitsCopy:Eye-catching style on the outside.Surprising luxury on the inside.Just call it sheet metal magnetism.GET THE FEELING

  30. Know your audience!

  31. Behavior TheorySays People Want • Fun • Easy • Popular

  32. Benefits (and costs) are: Subjective/personal In the present, not the future Unknown until you talk to your audience 34

  33. “Swallow Your Cause” Rewards may have nothing to do with “our cause.” They come from the personal wants of our audience. We must communicate the rewards we have to offer 35

  34. Kid Rewards for Healthy Eating • Get BIG • Have Muscles • Be Strong • Go Faster • Get Energy • Think Better

  35. WARNING:You are not the target audience!

  36. Text: Crispy Crunchy Rings is one of five, fabulous, fun new Funky Fries

  37. Text: New Lunchables Make your own magic

  38. 4. SUPPORT Why should they believe us?

  39. Support • How do we show they will really be rewarded? • What can we say to make the action seem easy? • What makes the action normative? • What makes us believable?

  40. Support • Show, don’t tell • Use plain language – no jargon • Use stories, examples, analogies • Connect with current events in their lives • Other Voices