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Being a Governor - Frequently Asked Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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Being a Governor - Frequently Asked Questions

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Being a Governor - Frequently Asked Questions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Being a Governor - Frequently Asked Questions. Questions. Will I get paid? Governor positions are unpaid, but travel expenses will be reimbursed Will becoming a Governor affect my benefits?

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Being a Governor - Frequently Asked Questions

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Presentation Transcript
  • Will I get paid?
  • Governor positions are unpaid, but travel expenses will be reimbursed
  • Will becoming a Governor affect my benefits?
  • Because Governor posts are unpaid, your benefits should not be affected but individual circumstances differ so please check with the Benefits Agency
  • Staff Governors – will you get time off work to attend meetings?
  • Trust staff can attend meetings in works time if they would normally be working
  • Will I get paid leave from my employer (not staff)?
  • Individual organisations differ so please check
questions cont
Questions cont.
  • How much time do I have to give?
  • Council of Governor meetings will be held 4 times a year, but there may be additional meetings in the first year
  • What if something prevents me from attending the meetings?
  • Please talk to us about any problems you may be experiencing, but Governors who regularly fail to attend may not be able represent their constituencies properly and may be asked to stand down
  • What if I’m on holiday?
  • Dates of meetings will be publicised well ahead to help you plan your holidays
questions cont4
Questions cont.
  • Can I stand for more than one Governor post?
  • No so if you are eligible to stand for more than one constituency you will be asked to chose
  • Can you be a Governor for more than one Foundation Trust?
  • No, but you can be a Governor of one and member of another
  • Can you be a member of the Patient and Public Involvement Forum and be a Governor?
  • No
  • Can you stand for election and wait to see if you are successful before resigning for the PPIF?
  • Yes of course
  • Can you be a member of LINks and be a Governor?
  • No
questions cont5
Questions cont.
  • I want to stand as a service user Governor, what if I pass the 5 year point during my term?
  • You can continue until your full term of three years is up, but then you will need to register as a public or carer member, if appropriate and can stand as a Governor in that category at the next election
  • Can I run an election campaign?
  • Yes but funding will not be provided by the Trust
  • Are Council meetings open?
  • Council meetings will normally be open to the public, however occasionally confidential matters may need to be discussed in private
questions cont6
Questions cont.
  • Will information be available on the Internet?
  • Information from meetings open to the public will be available on the Trust website –
  • How will information be communicated?
  • By email, on the Trust website and hard copy
  • Will I have a Trust email address?
  • It will be possible to have a Trust email address, but for reasons of security they cannot be accessed remotely so you would need to come in to access it
questions cont7
Questions cont.
  • What support will I get?
  • A support programme is currently under development to meet individually identified needs
  • When will meetings be held?
  • Quarterly, but the Council of Governors will decide when and where
  • Will transport to meetings be provided?
  • Meetings will usually be held in central, easily accessible locations. However occasionally meetings may be held in locations not easily accessible by public transport and transport will be organised
questions cont8
Questions cont.
  • Do I have to provide a photograph?
  • No, but it would be helpful in the election and in future publicity for members
  • Can I use less than 250 words in my manifesto?
  • Yes
  • Do I have to declare any relationships?
  • Yes, you will be asked to make a declaration of interests upon election
  • Are Governors personally financially liable for the Trust?
  • No – for a more complete response please contact the Foundation Trust Office
  • Can I submit my nomination form by email?
  • No, faxed or email nominations are not accepted by ERS
questions cont9
Questions cont.
  • Can I answer questions about the Trust?
  • Yes if the information is public, but any requests for information from the Press must be referred to the Trusts Communication Department. If you are not sure please check with the Foundation Trust Office
  • Will there be a Remuneration Committee?
  • No this is a sub committee of the Board of Directors
  • Will the Council of Governors set rates of pay for the Chairman and Non Executive Directors?
  • Yes, the Nominations and Appointments sub committee will undertake this role on behalf of the Council of Governors
questions cont10
Questions cont.
  • Does the Trust vet candidates standing for election?
  • No, we check for eligibility. However a Code of Conduct based on the Nolan principles (standards for public life) is currently being prepared to assist Governors
  • Will Governors have a whistle blowing policy?
  • Yes, all the Trusts policies and procedures apply to the Council of Governors. A Senior Independent Director (SID) will be nominated to help Governors experiencing any difficulties of this nature
  • Which Universities does the Governor represent?
  • Sheffield Hallam, Sheffield, York and Hull