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Online Services. By Eleanor Monks. Entertainment Services.

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Online services

Online Services

By Eleanor Monks

Entertainment services
Entertainment Services

This service gives us the privilege to be entertained with recent programmes or music genres on certain television channels or music channels such as BBC Iplayer to catch up on either BBC 1,2,3,4, CBBC, Cbeebies and other BBC channels. The same is for music channels like Kerrang, MTV etc.

Some benefits of entertainment services are:

  • If out and your favourite programme is on you can then see it later on a catch up service the same with music if you are out and about and you want to hear your favourite music.

  • Many are free services, so no charge is needed to watch your favourite programmes.

Communication services
Communication Services

This service gives us the privilege to chat with relatives, friends and businesses around the world via emails, chat rooms, video chats etc such as services like Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Tumblr etc.

Some benefits of communication services are:

  • You can communicate over large distances all over the world

  • All are free of charge but need information on yourself to get access to services like this.

  • You instantly will get a reply over these services and can receive notifications on certain things if you are linked to other push notification devices.

Real time information services
Real-Time Information Services

This service gives us the privilege to see everyday information on small devices when out and about rather than inside watching television. For example weather, time, news on services such as BBC News, Opening Times, Sky News etc.

Some benefits of using Real-Time Information services are:

  • Knowing what time and weather it shall be when you are going out.

  • What is going on in the world like knowing if there are any traffic accidents on a route you are going on.

  • If a flight is going out what time is departs and arrives at incase you are needing to pick someone up from the airport.

Commerce services
Commerce Services

This service gives us the privilege to shop, reserve, sell, order and manage banking rather than go out and do them. Some examples of these services are Ebay, Amazon, Mad bid, Wonga, Argos, Gum Tree etc.

Some benefits of using commerce services are:

  • You do not need to go out to shop for things for major events e.g Christmas, Birthdays etc

  • You can sell your used items and if someone buys it you can then post them.

  • If there is an item in stock that you want you can reserve it so that the next time you go into that shop you can pick it up.

Government services
Government Services

This service gives us the privilege to vote online, give out applications for services, do online tax returns and much more. Some examples of government services are direct government, government UK etc.

Some benefits of using government services are:

  • You can vote online than go to a polling booth.

  • You can get applications for services.

  • And do online tax returns.

Download services
Download Services

This service gives us the privilege to go to music sites, video sites and app sites when we do not want to go out and buy music or videos , so we can watch or listen to the things we want which are sometimes free or charge or have a monthly or yearly fee. Such as Itunes, YouTube downloader, Netflix, Love movies etc.

Some benefits of these are:

  • You can link your bank account to your download account so that you can instantly purchase the things you want.

  • It saves your time so you don’t have to run around looking for the movie or music you want.

  • And finally you can buy vouchers to go forward to this downloadable service without spending your own money.

Education services
Education Services

This service gives us the privilege to learn online in a safe secure environment and is approved by many people who entrust these sites to further their children’s education. Some services like this are Mymaths, GCSE Bitesize, Manga High, Textdebate etc.

Some benefits of using these online services are:

  • You can catch up on work you or your child has missed while absent from school.

  • They further your education and have fun activites to show your knowledge.

  • They are free all you need is to make an account and you can learn to your heart’s content.

Virtual learning environment services
Virtual Learning Environment Services

This service gives us the privilege to allow teachers to set up work for students to do or see when at home if they didn’t understand something or missed a lesson. Some services of these are moodleand mymaths etc.

Some benefits of using these services are:

  • Teachers can see how their students are progressing.

  • These activites test your knowledge to see how you have been handling the information.

  • And finally you can learn in your own environment at home or a friend’s house.

Business services
Business Services

This service gives us the privilege to do business over the world via the internet videos, emails etc. Some of these services are Skype, Facetime, Google mail etc.

Some benefits of these services are:

  • You can do a live conference with your business partners from your office or home.

  • They don’t take long to connect to the person you want to talk to.

  • And finally you need an account but nearly all are free.