the rotary cutting wheel n.
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The Rotary Cutting Wheel

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The Rotary Cutting Wheel. Interview with: Elpis Barons Interviewed by: Katerina Barons. Question one: “Can you describe the Rotary cutting wheel?”.

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the rotary cutting wheel

The Rotary Cutting Wheel

Interview with: Elpis Barons

Interviewed by: Katerina Barons

question one can you describe the rotary cutting wheel
Question one: “Can you describe the Rotary cutting wheel?”
  • Elpis Barons answered: “It is a marvellous improvement on traditional scissors. It is a lot like a pizza cutter. It has a handle and a round blade at the bottom.”

New Rotary fabric cutter

Old scissors (also known as shears)

question 2 what is it used for and how does it work
Question 2: “What is it used for and how does it work?”
  • Elpis answered: “It is used in fabric cutting in the fashion industry. When a designer wants to cut a part of the garment, instead of using scissors, they simply push on the handle and trace the shape they are cutting, whilst the round blade cuts the shape- for example the sleeve.”
question 3 how has that improved fabric cutting
Question 3: “how has that improved fabric cutting?”

Elpis answered: “Scissors are:

  • Heavy
  • Painful to use for many hours
  • Inaccurate. It is difficult to cut clean lines of fabric because they stagger the cut

The rotary wheel:

  • Saves time
  • Is quick to use
  • Saves money- if the industry can save time then it saves money because workers can do the job more quickly
  • Enables cutting of awkward fabric shapes.”
question 4 what are the disadvantages
Question 4: “What are the disadvantages?”
  • Elpis answered: “You need steady hands (it is not good for wobbly hands). You can only cut one shape at a time.”



question 5 how has the rotary cutter helped you
Question 5: “How has the Rotary Cutter helped you?
  • “I can make my garments quicker and my hand doesn’t get so tired and sore.”