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IASB Legislative Update. March 19, 2009 Margaret Buckton – Assoc. Exec. Director, Public Policy Mary Gannon – Attorney. Welcome from IASB. Thank you: host districts and board presidents—please pass around sign-in sheet

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Iasb legislative update

IASB Legislative Update

March 19, 2009

Margaret Buckton – Assoc. Exec. Director, Public Policy

Mary Gannon – Attorney

Welcome from iasb
Welcome from IASB

  • Thank you: host districts and board presidents—please pass around sign-in sheet

  • Board learning matters! Thank you for committing to board development.

  • PPT from tonight posted on IASB Home Page

  • 5 Better Boardsmanship credits

Using the icn
Using the ICN

  • Press down the bar on a microphone when you want to talk; wait for us to call on you.

  • Call 515-242-3182 if you have difficulties with the system.

Introductions and agenda
Introductions and Agenda

  • Sign-in sheet – fax back to Marte (515) 243-4992

  • Review bills signed by the Governor

  • Update on Bills pending

  • Review Funding and Budget Issues

  • Advocacy Actions needed

  • Tools to connect through the rest of the 2009 Legislative Session

Governor culver has signed
Governor Culver has Signed:

  • SF 217 TQ/Phase II Salary Allowable Growth and

  • SF 218 Allowable Growth, both for FY 2011 at 2%

  • HF 233 Disposition of Property – effective now

    Continued concerns about 2%:

Iasb legislative update

Long Term Impact of Low Allowable Growth

For a district with 1,000 students, the FY 2009 difference is $391,000

For a district with 1,000 students, the FY 2010 difference is $406,000

Labor issues ch 20 and ch 279
Labor Issues: Ch. 20 and CH. 279

  • HF 794 PERB technical corrections. This same bill was amended with Ch. 20 Collective Bargaining and CH. 279 Teacher Termination changes last year

  • Resources on web: www.ia-sb.org select legislative advocacy, page down to Legislative Issues Information, where you’ll find “collective bargaining”

Hf 777 open meetings public records sf 282 w amendment iasb has major concerns on calendars
HF 777 Open Meetings /Public Records & SF 282 w/amendmentIASB has Major ConcernsOn Calendars

  • Defines applicant files, of finalists, as public records

  • Creates new enforcement agency but doesn’t eliminate role of AG or county attorneys in enforcement or Citizen’s Aide Ombudsman in investigations

  • The new Public Information Board needs to have more flexibility to work informally with governmental bodies and not be just a regulatory body

Hf 778 design build iasb supports on house calendar
HF 778 Design BuildIASB Supports On House Calendar

  • Pilot project for design build system (up to 10 pilots)

  • Design build process, anticipated to reduce change orders and speed up completion as contractors and architects work together.

  • 46 other states and federal government, and Iowa’s private sector, can use design-build as an option.

  • Design build will be an option for government bodies – it does not replace current design, bid, build

Writing assessments sf 359 iasb supports on senate calendar
Writing Assessments SF 359: IASB Supports: On Senate Calendar

  • Writing test for 3rd, 6th and 10th graders. Bill requires DE to create it. Requires districts to implement 2012-12 for grade 10 and 2014 for 3rd and 6th grades. Also requires professional development on how to score the tests.

  • Estimated cost of $1.8 million (may be expensive to score)

  • Accountability questions – no plan to require reporting the scores

  • Technology local policy issues: computer test for 6th and 10th graders

  • School start date mandate hf 589 iasb opposes on house calendar
    School Start Date Mandate HF 589: IASB Opposes: On House Calendar

    • Start no earlier than 4th Monday in August

    • No waivers

    • Penalty – lose 1/180th of state aid for each early day

    • Issues: local control, democracy, student achievement

    • Proponents: Tourism Industry and some parents

    • Action Network www.ia-sb.org

    Compulsory attendance hf 259 drop out prevention levy hf 282 iasb supports on house calendar
    Compulsory Attendance HF 259Drop Out Prevention Levy HF 282IASB Supports on House Calendar

    • Requires attendance for 17-year-olds

    • Requires local and state level task forces to study necessary supports and impact of the law change on graduation

    • In addition to state aid that comes with each student, HF 282 expands maximum drop out prevention levy limit from 5 to 7% of budget enrollment

    Ppel fix sf 276 special levy waiting periods hf 766 iasb supports on respective calendars
    PPEL Fix SF 276Special Levy Waiting Periods HF 766IASB SupportsOn Respective Calendars

    • Allows PPEL election at special election dates in addition to the regular school election

    • Eliminates mandated waiting periods for Debt and ISL second attempts

    • Thank your legislators for working on these fixes 

    Tq phase ii salary money in district salary schedule sf 445 iasb supports why on senate calendar
    TQ/Phase II Salary money in District Salary Schedule SF 445IASB Supports – WHY?On Senate Calendar

    • Committee adopted amendment for automatic reopener

    • Effective FY 2011 (already required to bargain distribution via Chapter 20 processes effective FY 2009)

    • Budget guarantee to receive at least the funds received in FY 2010 base year

    • 2% allowable growth applied (SF 217)

    • Streamlines the process – simplifies accounting

    • Politics

    Sf 81 disaster recovery iasb supports on house calendar
    SF 81 Disaster RecoveryIASB Supports on House Calendar

    • SBRC approval to transfer funds or use PPEL or unexpended cash balance for demolition, clean-up or other costs in disaster area for up to two years

    • DE can waive time compliance requirements

    • AEAs can request DE to waive bid law and can get DE approval to purchase or lease-purchase facilities

    • School district ability to have bid law waived for emergencies is expanded

    Uni lab school hf 739 iasb opposes on house calendar
    UNI Lab School HF 739IASB Opposes On House calendar

    • Creates a school district inside Cedar Falls CSD.

    • Concerns: Taxing authority, no elected body, SBRC authority, open enrollment, redirects state penny approved by voters, no community for accountability, governing “board” could easily expand.

    • If this is a state public purpose, should be funded by the state, without redirecting K-12 resources or local property or penny tax.

    Labor issues choice of doctor on respective calendars
    Labor Issues: Choice of Doctoron Respective Calendars

    • HF 795 and SF 155: IASB is opposed

    • Increases workers’ comp insurance premiums by 15-17%

    • Property tax increase since funded with Management Levy

    Labor issues prevailing wage hf 333 iasb is opposed
    Labor Issues: Prevailing WageHF 333 IASB is opposed

    • Held by a motion to reconsider in the House pending determination of 51 votes

    • Labor commissioner sets prevailing wage by county

    • Requires school districts to monitor contracts and subcontracts to ensure the prevailing wage is paid

    • Requires bids to list the specific wage rates for each craft, classification, and type of worker needed.

    • Inequitable threshold for schools ($300,000) and other public bodies ($1.5 million) and community colleges (zero).

    • The amendment specifies that the prevailing wage requirements do not apply to public improvement bids that have been awarded to a contractor before July 1, 2009.

    Labor issues fair share hf 555 iasb is opposed
    Labor Issues: Fair ShareHF 555 IASB is opposed

    • Did not get out of House Labor Committee

    • Bill puts management in the middle and requires us to bargain with the association the provisions of fair share.

    • Would assess a fee to non-members of the bargaining unit for services

    Hf 495 extracurricular participation timelines on the house calendar
    HF 495 Extracurricular Participation Timelines on the House Calendar

    • Requires 180 day wait for varsity participation for nonresident students (includes 180 days for open enrolled students)

    • Exemption for student changing residence due to divorce, separation or death unless athletic organization determines the change was primarily for athletic purposes.

    Sharing incentives sf 416 iasb is registered as undecided on senate calendar
    Sharing Incentives SF 416IASB is Registered as UndecidedOn Senate Calendar

    • Expands to other positions (curriculum directors and principals)

    • Allows sharing and reorganization amongst non-contiguous districts

    • Does not impact timelines – current incentives expire in FY 2012. Enter later and receive fewer years of weighting.

    • Issues of intent – DE is concerned non-contiguous sharing will not lead to reorg. IASB supports savings redirected to opportunity.

    Hf 761 school reorg task force iasb is registered as undecided on house calendar
    HF 761 School Reorg Task ForceIASB is registered as undecided on House Calendar

    • Requires DE to convene a task force including stakeholders and professional tax expert to review:

      • incentives and reorganization efforts since 1979

      • barriers to consolidation

      • analysis of optimal school and district size considering transportation costs and times

      • effect of technology and NCLB compliance

    • IASB’s largest concern – no mention of student achievement

    Mandatory reorganization or 99 superintendents
    Mandatory Reorganization or 99 Superintendents

    • No bills – conversation starters

    • Advocates must be clear on state/local roles

      • State should eliminate barriers

      • State should enforce accreditation compliance

      • State should provide technical support and resources to improve instruction

      • School districts/boards are accountable to local communities

    • Beware the temptation to discredit other public schools. Unite on the big picture – adequate resources, quality professional development, increased expectations for students.

    Budget pending
    Budget: Pending

    • REC March 20 – defines the size of the state budget.

    • 1.5% ATB for FY 2009 and FY 2010. Four percent allowable growth for FY 2010 is still law unless it changes.

    • No budget bill yet addresses how that is funded.

    • Two percent allowable growth is set for FY 2011.

    • Federal stimulus clarity pending.

    • DOM will allow lowering a tax levy, but not increasing one after your public budget hearing.

    Sfsf and spending authority
    SFSF and Spending Authority

    • Backfill of ATB cut or funding allowable growth will likely be considered cash to fund existing spending authority

    • Additional subgrants, based on Title 1 distribution formula, will likely be miscellaneous income

    Advocacy steps after today
    Advocacy steps after today

    • Follow-up with your legislators

    • Listen to CapitolCastas a board

    • Discuss the Education Advocate’s job description from the IASB web and assign responsibilities

    • Assign ActionLine and ActionNetwork local leader to report when local district is at risk

    • PAY CLOSE ATTENTION for the next four weeks

    • Keep IASB in the loop

    Iasb advocacy resources to help
    IASB Advocacy: Resources to Help

    • IASB's Legislative ActionAlert Center: e-mail your legislators!

    • Local forum schedules and take along guide

    • Media links (press release templates)

    • Position Papers

    • Action Lines / Action Networks

    • New CapitolCast video

    • Links to legislators and their contact information (Legislative Directory)

    New Tool: Report local legislative conversations back to IASB


    Learning opportunities
    Learning Opportunities

    • ICN Engaging Community, Media, and Legislators: March 30 and April 1

    • IASB District Meetings in June

    • Please sign up on the sheet and thanks for advocacy on behalf of Iowa students!

    Iasb legislative update

    Law is made by those who show up. President “Jed” Bartlett, NBC’s “The West Wing”

    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

    Margaret Mead