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Legislative Update

SSA Fall Conference October 2012 Florence, AL. Legislative Update. OUR MISSION. The mission of School Superintendents of Alabama is to provide a united voice for school superintendents in our state. SSA promotes public education in Alabama and the nation;

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Legislative Update

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  1. SSA Fall Conference October 2012 Florence, AL Legislative Update

  2. OUR MISSION • The mission of School Superintendents of Alabama is to provide a united voice for school superintendents in our state. • SSA promotes public education in Alabama and the nation; • is the leading advocate for children and youth in our state; • provides a forum for discussion of educational issues and organizational values; • provides professional development to promote the efficient operation of the office of school superintendent; and • disseminates to members pertinent information about public education.


  4. Will there be more money??

  5. Yes, but…….(handouts) Version 1 is based on LFO Revenue Estimates • 5% pay raise • 7% pay raise Version 2 is based on tax revenues necessary to fund FY12 at 100% • 5% pay raise • 7% pay raise

  6. Sound Public Policy State Agenda

  7. SSA Budget Priorities(handout)

  8. Compensation SSA supports a reasonable cost of living increase to education employees.

  9. OCE SSA supports restoring OCE funding to the FY08 level

  10. Divisors SSA supports establishing the FY08 divisors as the standard for funding.

  11. Transportation SSA supports funding the transportation program at 100% of actual costs.

  12. Current Units SSA supports funding current units at actual costs of salary and benefits.

  13. SSA Policy Priorities(handout)

  14. Policy Priorities are grouped: Funding Teaching and Learning Education Delivery Options Constitution of Alabama

  15. Possible Legislation • Vouchers (“school choice”) • Other public schools • Private schools • Tax credits • Online courses • Pay Raise • Incentive plan for early retirement • Digital Learning • Performance pay

  16. Sound Public Policy National Agenda

  17. Sequestration • Background • Stems from Debt Ceiling Debate, Summer 2011 • Resulted in Budget Control Act which, among other things, created bipartisan, bicameral Joint Deficit Commission • 12 member committee tasked with identifying $1.2 trillion in cuts/savings over 10 years • Failed to produce plan, triggering sequestration

  18. Sequestration • Sequestration = automatic, across-the-board cuts • Process ‘triggered’ in Jan. 2012, cuts will come Jan. 2013 • Impacts almost all aspects of federal budget; ALL programs in USED except Pell • Initial estimates placed sequestration cuts at 7.8%; more likely to be at 9.1%

  19. Obama Education Agenda(handout) • Committed to working with states and communities so they have flexibility and resources to improve elementary and secondary education. • Supports college- and career-ready standards. • Embrace public school options for low-income youths, including magnet schools, charter schools, teacher-led schools, and career academies. • Believes in “carefully crafted evaluation systems that give struggling teachers a chance to succeed and protect due process if another teacher has to be put in the classroom.” • Calls for raising standards for the programs that prepare teachers, recognizing and rewarding good teaching, and retaining good teachers. • Encourages colleges to keep costs down by reducing federal aid for those that do not.

  20. Romney Education Agenda(handout) • Support s school choice programs so students can attend private or out-of-district schools; back expansion of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program; support charter schools, open enrollment policies, virtual schools, home-schooling, and local innovations such as single-sex classes, full-day school hours, and year-round schools. • Pushes accountability on the part of administrators, parents, and teachers; back programs that support the development of character and financial literacy; support periodic testing in math, science, reading, history, and geography. • Affirms rigorous academic standards and “reject the crippling bigotry of low expectations.” • Supports English immersion rather than bilingual education for students learning English. • Favors abstinence education. • Supports legislation that changes the “highly qualified” teacher designation, created under the No Child Left Behind Act, so that teachers are not defined just by their degrees to the exclusion of results in the classroom. • Says the federal government “should not be in the business of originating student loans.” Private-sector student financing, however, is welcome.

  21. District Meetings • Occur monthly • Attendance is important • Allow you to enjoy the company of those who do the same job as you. • Provide an opportunity to discuss issues and solve problems. • Are healthy for you!

  22. District Legislative Meetings • Scheduled by the District President • Will occur in November, December, or January • Do you know the date? • Your role: • Attend • Contact and get a commitment from your House and Senate Member to attend • The District’s role: • Share the SSA Budget Priorities • Discuss issues of concern • Listen and answer questions from Legislators

  23. Montgomery Legislative Meetings

  24. Can we count on you?

  25. Contact Information: Lisa A. Woodard (334) 356-0954 Direct Line (334) 235-3553 Cell Phone (334) 215-7041 Home lisa@ssaonline.org Questions?

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