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Football History

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Football History - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Football History. Yara 7A. Introduction .

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This is a power point based on the World cup Fifa competition that took place in June 11 2010 up to July 11 2010 in the country South Africa. This event was a very welcoming event bringing different cultures together to play football which was quite interesting.


The country who got first place was Spain. Following them up was the Netherlands, third place was Germany and fourth place was Uruguay.

The scoring was 1-0. (The one goal was for Spain.)

scoring details
Scoring (details)
  • At first Spain didn’t really start off well so they lost a match to Switzerland but later on the Spanish proved themselves by dramatically beating Holland in the last match. They progressed by having a strong defense and unrivalled passing game which was very impressive although they only scored 2 goals throughout the tournament. They still went to the finals because of beating Portugal, Paraguay and Germany in the knockout stages.
scoring sequence
Scoring sequence
  • David Villa was winning for his team at the start of the second period for the match. He started to pass to the middle to Cesc Fabregas who then found Iniesta who was on the right side next to a Spanish midfielder Iniesta then shot a six yard shot to the goal making it unstoppable and impossible to handle for the goalie to handle. The Spanish were in bit of trouble here. This was the other teams second goal in the match!
  • How could you have improved the defense?

I would have had two of the Spanish defenders in front of their goal that way when Iniesta made the shot one of them would get control of the ball and stop it from scoring a goal for the other team.

individual skills used
Individual skills used
  • The attacking team basically scored their goal with a method of passing. The Spanish player was dribbling the ball he then passed it to his other team mate who then used his inside of his right foot to pass it to another player near the goal, but then a Netherlands player got hold of the ball luckily a Spanish player behind him stole the ball back dribbled then shot a goal. The Spanish had won.