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The Last Word on Relationships. Titus 3:9-15. The Book of Titus. Key Verse: 2:10 - “ that in every way they (we) will make the teaching about God our Savior attractive. " Ministry is about relationships

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The book of titus
The Book of Titus

  • Key Verse: 2:10 - “that in every way they (we) will make the teaching about God our Savior attractive."

  • Ministry is about relationships

  • Chapter 1 church’s relationship to the Lord. Chapter 2 our relationship with each other. Chapter 3 our relationship with those in the world, particularly those who have authority over us.

Last word on relationships
Last Word on Relationships

  • Last Word on false teachers. v.9

  • Last Word on factious people v.10-11

  • Last Word on fellow servants v. 12-13

  • Last Word on faithful friends v. 14-15

Last word on false teachers v 9
Last Word on False Teachers v.9

  • Rationale for appointment of elders in Chapter 1…see verse 10

  • False teachers were a formidable group – see Galatians 2:3-4

  • Four categories of this error: 1.foolish controversies, 2. "genealogies“, 3. strife or arguments and 4. disputes about the law.

  • Last Word: Avoid…Shun.

Last word on factious people v 10 11
Last Word on Factious People v.10-11

  • Greek word: hairetikos from which our English word heretic comes.

  • One who had chosen a teaching, a doctrine, a viewpoint, a perspective, a course of behavior that was not acceptable to the church.

  • Such a person stands against the truth and against the leadership of the church. II Thess. 3:14

  • Last Word on Factious People: Reject

Last word on fellow servants v 12 13
Last Word on Fellow Servants v.12-13

  • Aretemas – we know nothing; Tychicus traveled with Paul – Acts 20; Col 4; Eph. 6; II Tim. 4

  • Zenas we know nothing; Apollos in Acts 18

  • Lesson: You are part of a Team

Paul s 6 principles of working as a team
Paul’s 6 Principles of Working as a Team

  • Committed to Personal Relationships, Discipleship, Mentorship

  • Not a Lone Ranger

  • Partnered with People

  • Friendship with Faithful Followers

  • Best Friendships through Shared Experiences

  • People are More Important Than Programs.

Power of team leadership
Power of Team Leadership

“Had the church relied upon a single, incredibly gifted, magnetic individual…the church would surely have collapsed. What the disciples discovered was that none of them had the complete package of gifts, abilities, and insights necessary to facilitate the growth of the Christian church, but each had a very significant and defined role to play in that revolutionary undertaking.”

George Barna

The last word
The Last Word

  • The last word on false teachers, shun…avoid.

  • The last word on factious people, reject.

  • The last word on fellow servants, and support, diligently help!

The last word on faithful friends
The Last Word on Faithful Friends

  • Engage in Good Deeds

  • Titus 3:1; 2:12

  • “God is purifying for himself”…verse 2:14… “a people eager to do what is good.”

  • Matt. 5:16 – Let your light shine, so that…

  • Titus 3:15 the final word: Loving one another with good deeds….for the glory of God.


Grace be with you all.