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Conversation with a Professor PowerPoint Presentation
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Conversation with a Professor

Conversation with a Professor

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Conversation with a Professor

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  1. Conversation with a Professor Nancy Harris – James Madison University Department of Computer Science

  2. Welcome • This session is about classroom life including your professors and expectations about academics at JMU. • My goal is for you to come away with a clearer picture of what the academic part of college will be like.

  3. Four general areas to think about • Professors (who are we) • Classes (what you can expect in and out of class – behavior, workload, notes, attendance • Academic Integrity (honor code, pressures and opportunities) • Academic Performance (GPA, ways of calculating grades, exams)

  4. Change in focus of the learning process -- THEN….

  5. and NOW.

  6. Your assignment • Pair with someone with the same number as you. • Take 1 minutes to think about questions you may have. • Take 8 minutes to share with your colleague and write down several questions on your sticky note. Ask for more if you need them. • Afterward, we will share questions and answers (and maybe more questions) with the rest of the class. • NO QUESTION is too trivial or silly!

  7. Each pair should post their questions • Put it onto the sheet that seems to make the most sense for your question. • If there is a question similar to yours, post yours over the similar question. I’ll handle them all together.

  8. If we don’t get to all of them • I will send you a followup e-mail with further answers and/or links to the pertinent information.

  9. Question Session

  10. With Apologies to David LettermanTop Ten Things To Tick-off Teachers #10. Allowing your cell phone to ring during class. #9. Playing your I-Pod during class (even if only to your own head). #8. Reading “The Breeze” during class. #7. Telling your professor, “But I need to get a ‘B’ in this class and you only gave me a ‘C’ “ or any variant thereof.

  11. #6. Telling your professor, “But I worked really, really hard. I deserve a better grade.” #5. Asking “Is this going to be on the test?” or the corollary “Do we have to know this?” #4 The excuses: “My dog ate my homework.”, “My roommate ate my homework.”, “My computer crashed” or any variant.

  12. #3. More excuses: “But I just broke up with my ______.”, “My roommate kept me up all night.”, “My roommate turned off my alarm.” #2. Asking “Can I get extra credit?” especially when you have not done the previous credit assignments.

  13. And the #1 TTTT “I had to miss class today…did I miss anything important?”

  14. Finally • This is not Your Mother Talking – Advice from the class of 2004 to incoming freshman students. • I will e-mail this link along with any unanswered questions.