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Business use of social networking

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Business use of social networking. Kurt DeMaagd Michigan State University Types of Use. Access by employees Use by business. Employee Access. Approximate half of all business completely ban access to social networking sites

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business use of social networking

Business use of social networking

Kurt DeMaagd

Michigan State University

types of use
Types of Use
  • Access by employees
  • Use by business
employee access
Employee Access
  • Approximate half of all business completely ban access to social networking sites
  • 90% of businesses restrict access through formal and informal mechanisms
  • One study found a 1.5% decrease in employee productivity among companies with unrestricted access

Approximately 70% of CIO’s also claim to use social networking for business

the fear of social networking
The Fear of Social Networking
  • A dangerous lack of precedent
    • Unrestrained access may result in liability risk
    • Restraining access may result in discrimination, privacy, and first amendment problems
  • Hence, many companies completely block access or completely ignore the problem
    • The alternative often requires a lot of lawyers to develop an official company policy
controlled access
Controlled Access
  • In spite of the irony, many companies ban employee access, but still use social media
  • Uses
    • Primarily a marketing tool
    • Some recruiting
    • Some internal coordination
  • Viral marketing
    • People trust their friends recommendation
    • But does that translate into corporate friends
  • May be better at mobilizing existing fan base
    • Especially if there is an existing network
  • Some topics just work better
    • Especially if it can be entertaining
  • Pick your social networks carefully
    • Don’t just assume Facebook and LinkedIn
    • They need to match your audience
    • It may not be a formal web site
  • Pick a few and do them well
    • Many experts recommend only 1 or 2 sites
  • Stay current
    • But you don’t want to be spam either
  • Used to identify potential recruits
    • A technology augmentation of an already common hiring approach
  • Used to disqualify potential recruits
    • The more notorious use
    • About 2/5 of recruiters google a candidate’s name
    • Check profiles
    • Check videos and other postings
  • Some privacy, discrimination, and accuracy concerns
internal use
Internal Use
  • Although individual use is often discouraged, it does have some benefit
  • Sometimes use SNS to replace internal message boards
    • Internally developed tools
    • Public utilities/Facebook
  • Can also leverage other forms of corporate communication
    • Email monitoring software is particularly popular
  • A lot of concern for business use
    • Lots of potential
    • But corresponding liability
  • Most business use is more structured
    • Primarily seen as a marketing tool
    • But has other purposes too