suleiman the magnificent
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Suleiman The Magnificent

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Suleiman The Magnificent - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Suleiman The Magnificent. Shawn Roe. Map. He controlled the Ottoman Empire from 1520 to 1566 when he died. Primary Source.

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  • He controlled the Ottoman Empire from 1520 to 1566 when he died
primary source
Primary Source
  • "I, the sultan of sultans, and the strongest ruler, the loftiest king who defeats the kingdoms around the world, and the shadow of Allah in the Earth, am the son of Sultan Selim who is the son of Sultan Beyazid, Sultan Suleiman, Caesar of Rome, the sultan of Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea, and Thrace, and Anatolia, and Karaman and the City of Dulkadir and Diyarbakir and Kurdistan, and Iran and Damascus and Aleppo and Egypt and Mecca and Medinah and Jerusalem and the whole Arab land and Yemen and many more lands that our lofty ancestors conquered with their crushing powers and I conquered with my fire-scattering sword..."3
  • “I am so powerful that I control the most powerful land in the middle east”

On August 29, 1526, Suleiman defeated Louis II of Hungary at the Battle of Mohács

Suleyman the Magnificent ruled the Ottoman Empire for 46 years between 1520 - 1566 and doubled his territory

His domain extended far to the eastward and into Egypt and Persia

Within the Empire Süleyman was responsible for transforming the army and the judicial system

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