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Knowledge-Base Asset Management For WaveRiders PowerPoint Presentation
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Knowledge-Base Asset Management For WaveRiders

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Knowledge-Base Asset Management For WaveRiders
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Knowledge-Base Asset Management For WaveRiders

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  1. CEO: Ian Racker Knowledge-Base Asset Management For WaveRiders GM: Alex Trush Sr. Director: Juan David Ibagon Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. “The dwarf sees further than the giant, when he has the giant's shoulders to mount on. ~Coleridge” Sr. Manager: Sakshi Sachdev Sr. Consultant: Chi-Wen, Shih Sr. Consultant: Shaan Moin

  2. Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Table of Contents • Thought Map • Asset Management (AM) • Knowledge Management (KM) • Conclusion

  3. Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Thought Map Asset Management WaveRiders’ Targets EFQM Framework and Tools Continuous Improvement Knowledge Management

  4. Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. WaveRiders’ Targets • Reduce costs. • Balance production and sales. • Increase market share. • Avoid stagnant UK market by entering EU. • Creation of intellectual capital

  5. Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Relevant EFQM Criteria • Reliable, available knowledge • Align resource allocation with strategy (long-term) in a sustainable manner (4c) • Transforming data into knowledge (4e.6) • Actively use knowledge through suitable working environment • Improving and developing people’s skills in acquiring knowledge • Provide people with the right tools/equipment (customer experience 5d.2) • Health & Safety • Knowledge sharing with stakeholders • Resource sharing with stakeholders • Identify the potential opportunities in investment in assets. • Use and manage technology effectively/flexible and IT to support effectiveness/innovation • Considering financial aspects (pay-off) • Involve stakeholders in development/deployment • Effective information transformation paths/approaches • Accessibility and appropriate manage of information • Link with KM to individual performance • Use potential of recycling (5d.3) environmental impact (4c)

  6. Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Asset Management (AM) A. Facilities E. Maintenance B. Security F. Environmental C. Healthy & Safety G. Resources D. Life-Cycle Utilization

  7. Facilities Management Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd.

  8. Employ a Facilities Manager Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Training for- Leadership skills Technical understanding and management know-how Purchasing and contracting skills Personal and interpersonal skills

  9. Business Continuity Plan Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Critical functions for WaveRiders Staff wages Call Centre IT department Sales Goods In Distribution Manufacture

  10. Risk Assessment of possible Hazards Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Flooding IT failure / loss of data Utility failure Fire or explosion Transport accident Extreme weather Loss of premises Staffing issues

  11. Flooding in 2009 Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. 15th November, 2009 Hazards for the Company Loss of access and utilities (electricity, phones, etc.) Water damage to equipment and stock Cost of damage and or fines pollution Teams working on the ground floor Customer and suppliers

  12. Outsourcing Activities Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Medical- Doctor ( Reduce costs, Gain better results) Cleaning Services for the premises ( Reduce costs) Laundry services (Reduce costs) Gardener for the lawns (Increase Flexibility) Cafeteria and Canteen services( Focus on core skills)

  13. Mitigations Suggested Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Monitor Flood Warnings issued by Environment Agency Insurance to cover damage to equipment and premises Relocate premises to higher ground Floodgates / sandbags stored ready for use

  14. Health & Safety (activities) Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. To prevent accidents and cases of work related ill health. Prevent from paint causing internal damage to health. Implement emergency procedures evacuation. To create and maintain safe and healthy working conditions. (hygiene). Ensure the storage of harmful substances.

  15. Health & Safety (actions) Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Carry out risk assessments and review regularly by supervisor. Provide employees with necessary equipment. E.g (masks, or ear plugs). Establish well signed escape routes and be kept clear at all times. Regular inspection for the working conditions. (every week, include clean water, electrical safety). Store the harmful substances in contained area, and making everyone aware.

  16. Security (activities) Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. ISO 17799: "Management should set a clear policy direction and demonstrate support for, and commitment to, information security through the issue and maintenance of an information security policy across the organization“. Prevention from any theft and damage. Restrict unauthorized access. Making computer systems protected from hacking. Information management. (securing the information).

  17. Security (actions) Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Install CCTVs cameras which is to be monitored regularly. Hire security patrol to monitor the premises. Prevent unauthorised access in the IT network. E.g (build firewalls and spam filters). Build relevant data back up policy to prevent loss of data.

  18. Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Life Cycle Management Benefits Assets Why Life Cycle Management Investments Costs 1.Identify the most cost-effective system and project options 2. Assist effective programme cost control 3. Identify major cost drivers 4. Enable balanced “cost or profit” viewpoint to be considered in “trade-off” decisions 5. Assess cost-benefit and pay-back sensitivity of new technology 6. Fairly assess early investments against later benefits

  19. Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. How to apply Life Cycle Management? • Definition of equipments’ and systems’ costs and life periods 1. Deliver every equipment and labor cost into the fixed categories. 2. Define the curate data resources. 3. Define the timeliness of every equipment or labor. • Standardization & Documentations. 1. Computerized. 2. Link to WaveRiders’ Intranet Server. 3. Share the information. • Search alternatives, cost breakdown structure, demand predication & reduce wastes 1. Search and eliminate the non-value added activities and wastes. 2. Reconsider the costs as time line. 3. Predicate the year-by-year profile of the expenditure and income. • Training • Control New Production Budget by using DFSS

  20. Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Maintenance Management New Factory (Limington) Old Factory & Equipments Old Production New Production Development Why Lean Thinking? 1. Reduce non-value activities and wastes 2. Clear Job Descriptions 3. Frequent review and control 4. Preventive Maintenance

  21. Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. How to apply Maintenance Management? • Definition of Work Description 1. Define the flow charts of each operating item. 2. Deliver every maintaining action and job into the fixed categories. (ex. Base on importance: Regular, Preventive, and Emergent) 3. Count the time and cost of every action and job. 4. Build warning system and the risk-control framework. • Standardization & Documentations. 1. Computerized. 2. Link to WaveRiders’ Intranet Server. 3. Share the information. • Search alternatives, cost breakdown structure, demand predication & reduce wastes 1. Search and eliminate the non-value added activities and wastes. 2. Coordinate and Increase the common repair materials. 3. Outsource High-cost and low-tech activities, such as cleaning work. • Training

  22. Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Definition of Work Description

  23. Environmental Management Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. WHY ? Performance Improvement ISO 14001 certificate • 7 Areas of environmental challenges: • Atmosphere - Ocean • Toxic chemicals - Biotechnology • Freshwater - Biodiversity • Land

  24. How to become eco ? Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Cleaner Production: Great impact • Improve housekeeping • Reduce electricity consumption & heating • Preventative actions against, e.g. spilling • More training  more efficient use • Provide excellent tools ( e.g. cutting fabric ) • Recycling / Reusing / Disposal • Oily water / Waste paint • General recycling system • Using latest developments • Use of solvent free paint • Use of more natural materials

  25. How to become eco ? Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Hybrid of preventative and controlling technology • Preventive: New factory side in Lymington • Use DFSS tools to design the layout and process • Controlling: Existing site • Add filters to paint shop

  26. Resource Utilisation Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. One approach must be chosen Just In Time (JIT)

  27. JIT in practice Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. • Cellular manufacturing ( 3 cells ) • CAD and mold making stays separate • 3 teams of 6 or 7 members plus one supervisor • satisfy special request • Higher throughput • Pulling instead of Pushing • Eliminate bottlenecks • Cross functional training • KANBAN system • Inventory raw material is delivered to workplace straight away • Automatic indicator if running out of material (fabric, fiber glass) • Knowledge is needed about inventory (IT)

  28. Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Knowledge Management

  29. Knowledge Management overview Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. "Knowledge Management is the discipline of enabling individuals, teams and entire organisations to collectively and systematically create, share and apply knowledge, to better achieve their objectives" Ron Young, CEO/CKO Knowledge Associates International Explicit Tacit Technological – explicit (storage, bases) Cultural – tacit (sharing, learning) “The effective utilization of knowledge and learning requires both culture and technology”

  30. Where to Start? Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. 1. Use EFQM criteria 1. Current situation 2. Made a comparison 4 Action plan 3. Gap analysis 5. Revision of initial map External environment Social network Available resources

  31. Current situation Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. No sharing environment No links between departments Different knowledge databases for explicit knowledge managed by each department without access from others. No learning culture within the company No interaction with employees of other departments No leadership skills to create a learning environment. No overall picture of knowledge resources in the company No interaction between internal and external knowledge No shared and accessible database at all levels Lack of understanding of knowledge resources and owners There is no knowledge development strategy No systematic approach for keeping using the lessons learned Poor uses of external sources to generate new knowledge No updating process of current knowledge (policies, strategic goals, achievements, results) Poor using of the Best practices Lack of Knowledge translation Each person working in the office has a computer.

  32. Comparison and Gaps Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd.

  33. Action Plan

  34. 1) Knowledge-based strategy Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Value creation: externally (customer relationship, brand awareness, reputation) Focus on Competence of people Sveiby (2001) Value creation: internally (processes, design)

  35. 2) Intranet Ease to use and access Universal access to information Person to person interaction Informal Networks

  36. WAVERIDERS Intranet Page News Knowledgebase Acquiring Knowledge Staff Directory Network Information Store Knowledge Policies and Guidelines Resource center Share Knowledge Customers Finance Chat Training Intranet Applications Update Knowledge Site Map About

  37. Intranet Dynamic approach Policies and Procedures Stop cards Up to date knowledge General Issues Community of practice Training, Tests Knowledge Maps Accessibility and reliability Ideas Lessons Learned Inventories

  38. 3) Knowledge Mapping (knowledge representation) Grey, D (1999) An ongoing quest within an organization (including its supply and customer chain) to: • help discover the location, ownership, value and use of knowledge • learn the roles and expertise of people, • identify constraints to the flow of knowledge, and • highlight opportunities to leverage existing knowledge. It illustrates or "maps" how knowledge flows throughout an organization. (D. Grey, 2002 Smith Weaver Smith Inc)

  39. Where to focus? Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Enterprise Knowledge Map Cross functional Knowledge Map Process Knowledge Map

  40. Outcome Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Employee using sources effectively Appropriate knowledge sources used For each business process The time spend less and efficiency is higher Knowledge sources allocation Input (the knowledge map) CEO of the WaveRiders Value Improvements Knowledge Stakeholders

  41. 4) Knowledge Network Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Wave Riders Suppliers Customers Competitors Shonstrom (2005)

  42. Communities of Practice Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. The problem: Market, customers Arrange a meeting for production, sales, R&D Run some exercises to get people involved Build a social network graph Interview the key members Use Intranet for creation of CM page Put the photos of the members Knowledge creation, sharing and evaluation Create a hot topic on the page

  43. 5) External Sources (Watson tool) Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd.

  44. Workshops & Training Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Cross-functional meetings (monthly) Intranet Technical Skills Interpersonal skills Knowledge Management Stop Cards Departments meetings (Weekly) Health & Safety Simulations

  45. 6) Learning organization culture Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Creation Sharing Culture Personal Mastery Building Shared Vision Mental Models Team Learning Evaluation System Thinking

  46. Motivation Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. • Engagement • Incentives - Opportunity to get promoted in the future - Acknowledgement of the employees achievements (monthly, quarterly, yearly) - Bonuses, rewards for proactive behaviour (updating lesson’s learned, stop cards filled, using knowledge database)

  47. Conclusion Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd.

  48. Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Conclusion • WaveRiders can see further because standing on The EFQM giant’s shoulder. • Knowledge-Base Asset Management (KBAM) can drive WaveRiders to continuous improvement. • Knowledge Power (KP) can help WaveRiders to find the right directions at the right time.

  49. Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. Gantt Chart & Cost (04/2011~09/2011)

  50. Question ? Knowledge Power (KP) Consulting Ltd. “The dwarf sees farther than the giant, when he has the giant's shoulders to mount on. ~Coleridge”