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Shelter Box. To provide humanitarian aid worldwide in the form of shelter, warmth and comfort to people displaced by natural and other disasters. How did it all start?.

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shelter box

Shelter Box

To provide humanitarian aid worldwide in the form of shelter, warmth and comfort to people displaced by natural and other disasters

how did it all start
How did it all start?
  • In late 1999, Tom realised no one was really dealing with this specific challenge and came up with the idea of the Shelter Box. He spent the next few months researching the idea, sourcing equipment and getting others to back the project.
  • Shelter Box was launched in April 2000 and the first boxes sent to India in January 2001. Now, Shelter Box has become one of the most effective aid agencies in the world.

Tom Henderson- founder

what does tom have to say
What does Tom have to say?
  • When Tom Henderson came up with the idea for shelter box, he know that he would be able to help the people that sometimes never get the help they deserve.
  • Knowing that he would not be able to do this alone, he thought to him self that:
  • To provide humanitarian aid worldwide in the form of shelter, warmth and comfort to people displaced by natural and other disasters
  • That then be became the slogan for Shelter Box, and it is those word that help any one that works in shelter box to go on.
how they have made a difference
How they have made a difference?
  • In January 2001, the first 143 Shelter Boxes were flown to the earthquake-hit region of Gujarat in India. Over the next four years, the project grew steadily and the charity responded to 23 different disasters around the world.
  • Then, on 26th December 2004, came news of the Boxing Day Tsunami and everything changed. An unprecedented flood of donations meant the small team that had developed at the charity – together with its many loyal volunteers – was able to respond on a scale not previously envisaged. 
  • During 2005, Shelter Box also helped 13,000 victims of Hurricane Katrina and provided aid for approaching 140,000 people after a huge earthquake in Pakistan
where they have made a difference
Where they have made a difference?

Shelter box has made a difference, when the people it the most.

Every one in Shelter Box understand that’s working together is a lot better then working alone.

By doing this they have made changes in:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • South American….
fun things to do to help
Fun Things to do to help!!!!!!!
  • The Shelter Box Challenge
  • One of the more popular fundraising weekends is the Shelter Box Challenge on Dartmoor, Devon.
  • The Challenge involves teams of four tackling a 30-mile course with the choice of carrying a Shelter Box loaded with all the kit needed for an overnight camp.
  • A mass participation day for all levels of fitness who are then split into categories; Elite, Advanced and intermediate (or just come and walk the dog).
  • The 2009 Challenge will take place next March. Email us to reserve your team's place, and details will be sent to you nearer the time.
how can you make the difference
How Can You Make the difference?


School website

How can I make the difference?

Muffed day