the addie instructional design model n.
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The ADDIE Instructional Design Model

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The ADDIE Instructional Design Model - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The ADDIE Instructional Design Model . Angie F. Torres EDTC 3320.60 Mr. MCrosslin. ADDIE Model . Is a step by step process that helps training specialist plan and create training programs. ADDIE is an antonym for:. A = Analyze training needs

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the addie instructional design model

The ADDIE Instructional Design Model

Angie F. Torres

EDTC 3320.60

Mr. MCrosslin

addie model


Is a step by step process that helps training

specialist plan and create training programs.

addie is an antonym for
ADDIE is an antonym for:

A = Analyze training needs

D = Design training materials.

D = Develop training materials.

I = Implement training.

E = Evaluate it’s effectiveness.

analyze phase
Analyze Phase
  • Is the process for determining if there is a need for the training of:
    • business goals needed to be achieved.
    • materials needed to be taught.
    • learners current capabilities.
analysis training specialist s are
Analysis Training Specialist’s are:
  • Project Sponsor’s-discuss business goals and objectives.
  • Subject Matter Expert’s-describe undocumented knowledge.
  • Target Audience –demonstrate their current skills and capabilities.
analysis phase needs are to
Analysis Phase needs are to:
  • discover any existing materials.
  • define measureable business goals.
  • conduct an instructional analysis.
  • analyze learners and contents.
  • write learning objectives.
design phase
Design Phase
  • will plan a strategy for developing the instruction by:
    • describing the overall learning approach.
    • identifying instructional media choices.
    • clustering and sequencing objectives.
    • describing course exercises, activities and assessments.
design phase is used to
Design Phase is used to:
  • check design concepts that are cohesive and complete.
  • present proposed training solution to the client.
  • invite feedback on the design.
  • provide instructions to the specialist on the development phase of the project.
development phase
Development Phase
  • is the process of authoring and producing all the materials or products in order to:
  • create a prototype (preview) of the final course.
  • develop course materials.
  • conduct a tabletop review, (face to face meeting to make sure content is accurately completed).
  • run a pilot session(chance to review final course).
implement phase
Implement Phase
  • Is the process of launching the course and trying out the project or materials in the real world by:
  • meeting important business goals.
  • covering the content learner’s need to know.
  • reflecting the learner’s existing capabilities.
evaluation phase
Evaluation Phase
  • Determines the effectiveness or measurement of how well the instruction or product achieved it’s goal by using:
  • Formative/Summative evaluation.
  • Short survey questioners.
  • Pre-test/Post tests.
  • Long-term evaluation.

The ADDIE Model represents a formula whose variables must be defined by the unique needs and circumstances in which

the process is being used. It ensures a consistent process for designing and developing highly efficient and effective system without sacrificing creativity.

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