Draft achilles action plan
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DRAFT Achilles Action Plan. Expand day chemotherapy unit hours of operation to manage increased demand Business plan & Working Party Develop care co-ordination roles using breast care model Adapt new model based on existing urology nurse liaison role, trial then evaluate

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Presentation Transcript
Draft achilles action plan
DRAFT Achilles Action Plan

  • Expand day chemotherapy unit hours of operation to manage increased demand

    • Business plan & Working Party

  • Develop care co-ordination roles using breast care model

    • Adapt new model based on existing urology nurse liaison role, trial then evaluate

  • Rename as ‘Integrated Cancer Centre’ to increase fund raising opportunities

    • Key Stakeholder Committee to develop strategic plan for fund raising

Draft cyclone action plan 1
DRAFT Cyclone Action Plan (1)

  • June 05: Data definitions & activity by TPL

    • HRT/Kespasi; confirmation by members; collect & report back to Tumour Program

  • Aug 04: Confirm specifications for MDJ’s and Care Co-ordination model

    • Define tasks, draft specification standards for MDTs X 10; confirm care co-ordination model including screening tools

Draft cyclone action plan 2
DRAFT Cyclone Action Plan (2)

  • Dec 04: Service Directory & affiliation (hard copy) – when to refer & to whom

    • Agree affiliation criteria (including early signs and symptoms); invite all Clinics to be listed by Tumour Program; publish annually (Westmead model)

  • Dec 04: Formal management & ownership of inpatients by Tumour Program

    • Data mapping back to Tumour Program; Business meeting to examine common elements of  admission/stays; develop cost sharing formulae

  • June 05: Meet CSF standards (NSW well placed to lead)

    • As specified

Draft cougar action plan
DRAFT Cougar Action Plan

  • Develop Prostate Specialised Care Team

    • Get key people together - appoint lead clinician; learn from BSE program – familiarise all team members with goals/outcomes of MDT; identify resource support

  • Investigate need/feasibility of extended hours for Day treatment

    • Discuss with staff; survey patient interest in out of hours treatment; identify potential demand & opportunities for improvement

Draft polaris action plan 1
DRAFT Polaris Action Plan (1)

  • June 04: preliminary discussion of options for surgical oncology becoming part of Cancer Services

    • Discuss options, operational & financial models; find attractors for surgeons – ‘what’s in it for them?”

  • June 05: decision of parts to include

Draft polaris action plan 2
DRAFT Polaris Action Plan (2)

  • Establish formal MDT structure in major tumour groups (organisation, not clinics) with terms of reference

    • Discuss models with others e.g. SWSCS

    • Establish terms of reference, letters of appointment, etc

    • Define who is part of the MDT for various tumours & stages of care

Draft polaris action plan 3
DRAFT Polaris Action Plan (3)

Define care co-ordination role & develop across tumour streams

  • June 04: examine other models

    • Look at other centres & what works

    • Find ways to fund the role

    • Select methods to evaluate the role with others e.g. Latrobe Uni

  • June 05: establish funding models

Draft eagle action plan 1
DRAFT Eagle Action Plan (1)

  • June 04: Implement two Care Co-ordinators

    • Liaise with other Hospitals (Wellington, Alfred)

    • Write job descriptions

    • Obtain funding

Draft eagle action plan 2
DRAFT Eagle Action Plan (2)

Protocols/criteria (auditable) for patient selection onto treatment programs (also ceasing therapy)

  • June 04: Establish protocols

    • Meet with Oncology Unit to obtain agreement in principle; obtain evidence (EBM); develop protocols

  • June 05: Regular activity & peer review

Draft eagle action plan 3
DRAFT Eagle Action Plan (3)

  • Review structure of “cancer services” to ensure integrated accountable service (service plan)

    • Work with hospital Executive to undertake Strategic Planning/Service Planning exercise

  • Review treatment protocols/care plans

    • Exist now but not updated for couple of years

    • Obtain funding to assist (med oncology time & ? Project officer)

Draft eagle action plan 4
DRAFT Eagle Action Plan (4)

  • Consider alternative sources of funding – NGO

    • Discuss with Executive; obtain advice

  • Utilise data to review outcomes

    • Extend existing database; useful reports

    • Review what needed to utilise information – what wanted to achieve?

    • Resources – lack of med oncologists has been a problem

Draft eagle action plan 5
DRAFT Eagle Action Plan (5)

  • June 04: Medical Care for febrile neutropenics)

    • Already in draft; need to progress

  • March 04: Involve PalliativeCare Specialists more in Integrated Team

    • Invite to MDT meetings

  • Review current cost-centre reporting to enable better delineation by expenditure

    • Improve drug information – separate haematology and oncology drug costs

    • Cost of stem cell transplants; number to be treated?

Draft dionysis action plan
DRAFT DionysisAction Plan

  • Dec 04: Clinical Cancer Stream with Director in control with strong degree of accountability and budget control

  • 7 day working in clinical area

    • Discuss with key players e.g. nurses

  • Continue to develop MDT within different cancer streams with co-ordinator for individual tumours

  • Require integrated data collection to track patients between institutions

  • Address isolation of services outside major centre by clinical cancer stream

Draft sirius action plan
DRAFT Sirius Action Plan

  • Outpatient autologous BMT

  • Reduce radiation therapy waiting list

    • Process mapping

    • Review pressure points

    • Review roles

  • Use telemedicine for MDTs

    • Explore opportunity

    • Discuss with Director Cancer Services

  • MDT 2 sides

    • Core clinical

    • Core care

Draft jason athene action plan
DRAFT Jason/Athene Action Plan

  • Appoint Clinical Director (Jason/Athene)

  • Consolidate like services (Athene)

  • Develop Directory of Cancer Services (Jason/Athene)

Draft falcon action plan
DRAFT Falcon Action Plan

  • Better document composition of MDTs & advertise them

    • Develop list of MDM members

    • Write procedures for MDMs

    • Advertise via website

  • Explore feasibility of outpatient BMT

    • Discuss with Haematology; develop guidelines; pilot program

  • Measure full range of patient contact activity

    • Review definitions of IP & OP episodes of service; modify data collection methods; provide the data

Draft fury action plan
DRAFT Fury Action Plan

  • Dec 04: Formalise Oncology as entity

    • Meet with service team reps (8 tumour groups)

    • Establish a business case

    • Appoint Cancer Care Co-ordinator to champion

  • Dec 04: Ensure MDMs occur across Cancer types

    • Identify where now occurring/not occurring

    • Local or central – video-conferencing

    • Composition of current MDMs

  • June 04: Ensure benefits of MDM realised or achieved

    • Policies, guidelines, protocols & audit

    • Review IT support required

Draft panther action plan 1
DRAFT Panther Action Plan (1)

  • June 04: Establish Exec Director Cancer Services for single point accountability

    • Progress and support within Hospital

    • June 05: broader approach

  • Develop Strategic Plan via Exec Director facilitation

    • Feedback and support this meeting’s discussion to Executive; planning day end year

Draft panther action plan 2
DRAFT Panther Action Plan (2)

  • June 04: Care Co-ordinator role

    • Decide tumour group; develop goals, roles etc; clarify opportunities for funding

    • 2005: evaluate role & extend other groups

  • Review MDM/Clinics/Teams

    • June 04: Develop terms of reference; engage stakeholders; establish review procedure

Draft panther action plan 3
DRAFT Panther Action Plan (3)

  • Emergency care access

    • June 04: work group report to MAG on issues & access for patients

      • feedback to MAG

      • formalise working group

      • identify areas for improvement

    • June 05: patient have good information regarding emergency access

Draft gemma action plan
DRAFT Gemma Action Plan

  • June 04: complete business case for Integrated Cancer Service

    • Approval of CEO and Dept Health

    • Identify additional resources (business manager and secretary)

    • June 05: IC Service established

  • June 04: appoint dedicated data collector

    • Recruit assistance of IT staff

Draft electra action plan 1
DRAFT Electra Action Plan (1)

  • June 04: scope Website-based program

    • Review advantages as information base

    • Review existing examples

    • Study IT requirements & resources to maintain

  • June 04: review merits of Lantis program for institute data base

    • Observe in use at Liverpool; scope project & cost system; develop case for implementation if meets needs

    • Link to minimum data base sets (in development)

  • Draft electra action plan 2
    DRAFT Electra Action Plan (2)

    • June 04: Information cards for patients

      • Reach concensus agreement to do

      • Design cards & issuing system

    • Tele-medicine

      • Define potential use to service and external stakeholders

      • Explore access to technology

      • Develop pilot program and trial

    Draft thunder action plan 1
    DRAFT Thunder Action Plan (1)

    • Establish Breast Multi-disciplinary Clinic

      • Stronger ‘command and control’ structure

      • Review existing 7 clinics formal structures

      • Formalise membership and leadership

      • Ensure record of activity is kept

    • Extend Care C-ordination model to Chemotherapy giving process

      • Charge nurse buy-in

      • Develop written pathway

    Draft thunder action plan 2
    DRAFT Thunder Action Plan (2)


    • Peripheral clinic MDC and Palliative Care videophone in rural areas

      • Review current IT infrastructure

      • Review funding availability

      • Discuss with palliative care nurse

    Draft thunder action plan 3
    DRAFT Thunder Action Plan (3)

    • Extend links between hospitals

      • continue HRT discussions and work with key HRT member hospitals

    • Support continuation of HRT model in other specialties

      • Write to CEO/medical director of hospital

      • Provide CEO with report