welcome to fairlane church of christ n.
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Welcome to Fairlane Church of Christ PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Fairlane Church of Christ

Welcome to Fairlane Church of Christ

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Welcome to Fairlane Church of Christ

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  1. Welcome to Fairlane Church of Christ

  2. Look For Any And Every Opportunity To Reach Out To Any Children or Adults with Whom we have had contact Invite them And Welcome them as Christ Would!

  3. Justin and Alison Local contact number 813-4212 They are at home after 2:00pm Which is 1:00pm their time.

  4. Homebuilders Class Beginning tonight, October 5 Focusing on the Book of James There will be seven study groups Six will be made up of adults One will be for college and young professionals

  5. Susan D. Little and Randolph C. Little request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Holly Diane to Christopher Dale Evans Son of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Evans Saturday Oct. 25th at 4:00 pm at the First Christian Church in Ashland, KY

  6. GRITS Retreat When: November 1st Where: Petticoat Junction Sign up: Youth Board We will meet at the church at 10:00 and go together as a group. See Katie Loudermilk or Bonnie Esslinger for additional information.

  7. WANTED!! MISSION TRIP PHOTOS. If you have pictures of a mission trip that you went on this year, please give a copy of them to the office or to Iris Whitney. Iris is working on the Missions board & would like recent pictures and information.

  8. W A N T E D ! ! COLLEGE ADDRESSES. If you are a college student or the parent of a college student, please make sure that the Fairlane office has your address—even if it is the same as last year.

  9. YOU’RE INVITED A Celebration is planned for the 10th Anniversary of Right Steps and Susana Homes in Atlanta, GA on Oct. 25th. The price for the dinner is $50 per person. Please see Geoff Giesemann for details or if you can attend.

  10. Fairlane Website For information, service downloads, and other interesting links, please visit our website at Jimmy Burton and Kevin Raines are doing a wonderful job keeping this website updated.

  11. Mission Board Be sure to check out the Mission Bulletin Board in the Hallway across for the office. Iris Whitney had done a great job putting this bulletin board together.

  12. 55 & MovingDouble Dates Please sign up to go on a double date with our youth during October and November. This is a great opportunity to share and learn together across generations!

  13. Youth NewsRetreat November 14-16 Space is limited, if you want to go, sign up today on the youth board. This will reserve a bed for you and/or your family

  14. Clean Up Day Looking for an opportunity to serve. Come October 18, Time to be announced later. We will be trimming hedges, spraying, and painting. See Jerry Smith or Steve Myers for more information.

  15. Jean Crosslin underwent an arterial gram on Tuesday. Katherine Daniel is back home at the Carriage House after having been in the hospital. Ron Green, father of Charlie Green is now at home. Johnny Donegansuffered a heart attack this week & is in St. Thomas hospital. OUR SICK

  16. OUR SICK • John Cobbis in the rehab center in Columbus, Georgia. • Cornelia Alcorn, mother of Joe and Will Alcorn has bone cancer & is under hospice care at home. • Jan Backwell, a friend of Geoff Giesemann and a board member of Right Steps is in the hospital in Atlanta.

  17. OUR SICK • Lorraine Foster is now recuperating at home after a recent hospital stay. • Ann Giesemann, sister-in-law of Geoff and Patti, has been undergoing treatments, and is experiencing severe reactions to the chemo. • Barbara Mooneyham, is home under Home Health Care.

  18. OUR SICK • Porter Hardison, a neighbor of Johnny donegan, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and prayers are requested on his behalf • Wendell Smith, nephew of Ruth Bumpus, will begin chemo in the near future. • Christine Lawder • Don Scott, James Scott’s brother, is in Maury Co. Medical Center in a Coma.

  19. OUR SICK • Chloe Vailes, infant daughter of Matt & Amber Vailes. • Roy Sims is now recuperating at home. • Peyton White, niece of Jack & Pat Frazier, is fighting leukemia. • Wanda Agee continues to have heart problems. • Andy Dunn, now 5 yr old boy with Neuroblastoma.

  20. OUR SICK • Celeste Ramirez, daughter of Cissy Garcia, was in an accident & has a broken collarbone, knees, & other injuries • Connie Price, sister of Randy Throneberry, has been diagnosed with lung and liver cancer. • Penny Barnes continues to battle pancreatic-cancer.

  21. OUR SICK • Bobby Flippin, father of Kim Flippin who has been recently worshiping with us, has cancer. • Ray Baltimore, brother-in-law, of Billy & Dean Woods is battling cancer. • Frances Waters, mother of Patricia Presley, is in serious condition in Vanderbuilt Hospital.

  22. OUR SICK • Mary Bobo, sister-in-law of Richard & John T. Bobo. • Don Burks. • Ronnie Callahan, Friend of the Wilhoites. • Bobby Childers is undergoing chemotherapy treatment. • Ellen Taylor has now concluded her ratiation and chemo and waiting on tests to see if the cancer is gone…

  23. OUR SICK • Dwight Cox, Johnny Donegan’s friend, has a brain tumor. • Margaret Dearing. • Jo Davis, a teacher at Cascade Elementary, is undergoing chemo. • Ruth Dixon. • Virginia Haley, Margaret Brewer’s sister-in-law, is undergoing chemo. • Pam Waycaster

  24. OUR SICK • Kate Hall • Ann Harris • Joan Hyder, Robin Simmons’ step-mother. • Joe Jones, friend of the Allen’s, is battling cancer. • Lori Knoughton, cousin of Mark Taylor & Dean Woods, has a tumor and is undergoing treatment.

  25. OUR SICK • Elizabeth Koonce, mother of Marie Parks and Buddy Koonce. • Evelyn McHaffie, mother of Mary Tim Cook. • Jake Molder, 23 yr-old friend of the Boyettes is suffering with cancer. • Betty Messick • Greg Mooningham, waiting for Liver transplant. • Jerry Naron.

  26. OUR SICK • Cheryl Necessary, friend of Steve Bobo, is undergoing chemo and radiation treatment. • Vicki Orr. • Lilly Perryman, Kathy Bicknell’s mother. • Hoyle Phillips, father of Jan Phillips, has cancer and heart problems. • Ken Smithhas lung cancer.

  27. OUR SICK • Faye Smith. • LeJeun Waggnoner, cousin of Pat Hastings • Catherine Warden • Gary Welch • Lindsay Welch has been responding to treatment and improving. • Joye Womble, mother of Jan Phillips, has cancer.

  28. HappyBirthday Oct. 13 Wendy Holland Vonda Lohay Oct. 14 Josh Bobo Grant Countess Jack Frazier Oct. 15 Betty Brown Jan Phillips Teri Vannatta

  29. HappyBirthday Oct. 16 WhitLei Green Cindy Pope

  30. Happy Anniversary! Oct. 12 Tracy & Teri Vannatta Oct. 14 Earl & Barbara Morgan Oct. 15 Wallace & Virginia Jones Josh & Amber Schwartz Oct. 16 Kelvin & Debbie Gashaw Tim & Katie Loudermilk Oct. 18 Bob & Lil Davidson

  31. Dates to Remeber • Tonight: Homebuilders class • Bear Buddy Work Days Oct. 21st 9 – 11 am • Oct 26 Chili Supper at Clay’s Cabin • Nov 1 GRITS Retreat • Nov 2 Singing at the Bedford Co. Nursing Home • Nov 14-15 Family Retreat at Fall Creek Falls

  32. Don’t Forget L2L participants need to turn in their student registration forms in the pocket on the L2L bulletin board.