gigabit ethernet n.
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Gigabit Ethernet

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Gigabit Ethernet. Freeha Khan Is 8040 Data Communication Theory and Practice. Ethernet History. Ethernet has evolved from a 4800bps contention based radio channel transmission system to he most popular local area networking standard

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gigabit ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet

Freeha Khan

Is 8040

Data Communication Theory and Practice

ethernet history
Ethernet History
  • Ethernet has evolved from a 4800bps contention based radio channel transmission system to he most popular local area networking standard
  • The idea of shared data transmission channel began in 1960s by Norman Abramson at University of Hawaii
  • Today’s Ethernet started in 1972 by Bob Metcalfe at Xerox research center - PARC
ethernet evolution
Ethernet Evolution
  • Initially, the most commonly installed Ethernet systems were called 10BASE-T, which gave way to 100BASE-T, also known as fast Ethernet, which could (theoretically) transmit at 100 mbps
  • Fast Ethernet now giving up its place at the backbone to Gigabit Ethernet which can (theoretically) provide a bandwidth of a billion bits per second
ethernet evolution1
Ethernet Evolution
  • Evolution and comparison
gigabit ethernet1
Gigabit Ethernet
  • In 1996, twenty eight companies formed the Gigabit Ethernet Alliance
  • Gigabit Ethernet is an extension of the highly successful 10mbps (10base-t) Ethernet and 100mbps (100base-t) fast Ethernet standards for network connectivity
  • Gigabit Ethernet incorporates enhancements that enable fast optical fiber connections at the physical layer of the network
  • CSMA/ CD MAC engine
  • Cabling base standards
    • 1000BASE-SX
    • 1000BASE-LX
    • 1000BASE-CX
    • 1000BASE-T

1000 Mbps CSMS/CD MAC

IEEE 802.3ab standard

IEEE 802.3z standard

Two pairs of twinax

Two standards of MMF or SMF fiber

Two standards of MMF

Four pairs of cat 5 UTP or better

gigabit ethernet mac
Gigabit Ethernet MAC
  • It uses the official 802.3 frame format
  • Operates in both half- and full-duplex mode
  • Slot time has increased to 512 bytes
  • Burst mode – multiple smaller frames can be transmitted continuously up to a maximum of 8192 bytes of data
gigabit ethernet phys
Gigabit Ethernet PHYs
  • The 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet includes three PHYs: 1000BASE-SX and LX to support fiber optic cable and 1000BASE-CX for shielded 150-ohm copper cable
  • 802.3ab 1000BASE-T physical layer, which enable Gigabit Ethernet over category 5 UTP
1000base sx
  • Targeted at cost sensitive
  • Shorter backbone
  • Horizontal connection
  • 850nm short-wavelength optical diodes
  • Multimode fiber (MMF)
  • 220 to 550 meters distance depending on the type of fiber cable used
1000base lx
  • Targeted at longer backbone
  • Vertical connections
  • It can use either SMF or MMF
  • For LX, using MMF
    • 550m, full duplex
  • For SX, using SMF
    • 5000m
1000base cx
  • Designed for short interconnects of hubs, switches, or routers in wiring closet
  • 150- twinax cabling
  • Max cable length is 25 meters
  • Two types of connectors
    • High-Speed Serial Data Connector (HSSDC)
    • Nine-pin D-subminiature connector
1000base t
  • It uses all four pairs of Cat 5 cabling
  • Simultaneous transmission and reception on all four pairs – Dual Duplex
  • High symbol rate of 125MHz
  • 10 times faster than fats Ethernet
  • 100 times faster than Ethernet
  • Low implementation cost
  • Compatible with the most popular networking architecture
  • Increased network performance levels
  • Increased network scalability
  • Full duplex
  • Switched
  • No inherent distance limitations
  • Relatively simple installation and maintenance
  • Fast optical fiber connections at the physical layer of the network
  • Provides a tenfold increase in MAC (media access control) layer data rates to support video conferencing, complex imaging and other data-intensive applications
  • Business Data Communication, William Stallings, Fourth Edition
  • Switched, Fast and Gigabit Ethernet, Robert Breyer & Sean Riley