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Generating Electricity

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Generating Electricity. What Is Energy?. Energy has many different forms . When an object is able to change its environment , we say the object has energy. Energy is the ability to do a task, such as moving an object . Common Forms of Energy. Energy Transformations.

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what is energy
What Is Energy?
  • Energy has many different forms.
  • When an object is able to change its environment, we say the object has energy.
  • Energy is the ability to do a task, such as moving an object.
energy transformations
Energy Transformations
  • There are many ways to change or transform one form of energy into another form.
    • Your body and a car’s engine change chemical energy into mechanical energy.
    • When you bang a drum, the mechanical energy is changed into sound energy.
    • A wind turbine changes mechanical energy into electrical energy.
generating electrical energy
Generating Electrical Energy

The Grid:

  • Most or the electrical energy we use comes to us through the electrical energy distribution grid.
  • The electrical energy distribution grid is a network that carries electricity from the energy generating station to the consumer.
  • Most energy is distributed by the gird is produced in electrical energy generating stations.
  • These stations use generators.
  • A generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

The energy in the wind, flowing water, or stream can be converted into electrical energy.

  • The movement is used to push blades of a fan-like device called a turbine.
  • The turbine is connected to the wire coils inside a generator.
  • When the turbine spins, the coils of a wire generate electrical energy as they spin at high speed near powerful magnets.
measuring electrical energy
Measuring Electrical Energy
  • All energy is measured in joules (J).
  • How quickly we use electrical energy can be measured as the number of joules used per second.
  • A joule per second is called a watt (W).
  • A 20 W bulb uses 20 J or energy per second.
measuring electrical energy1
Measuring Electrical Energy
  • A joule is very small, so we often use a much larger unit, the kilowatt hour (kW∙h).
  • A kilowatt is 1000 W.