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Build a Structure

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Build a Structure. Dynamic Modules inspiring Dynamic Interaction. Material Choices. The modules that I have created can work well to create an ever changing structure, which can serve multiple functions.

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build a structure

Build a Structure

Dynamic Modules inspiring Dynamic Interaction

material choices
Material Choices
  • The modules that I have created can work well to create an ever changing structure, which can serve multiple functions.
  • Original design came out of creating a possible screening device, but has been realized to be something greater.
  • The current device has evolved to be dynamic structure that can evolve and change to fit the users needs.
  • Current Dilemma: What material could realize this potential?
  • The following slides are potential choices with pros and cons
pros and cons
Pros and Cons
  • Pros
    • Readily available
    • Relatively inexpensive
    • Potential could be realized through architecture equipment
    • Can utilize friction joint as connection
  • Cons
    • Potential to break along grain
    • Require finishing to seal wood
    • Weight, relatively heavy.
    • Bulky
pros and cons1
Pros and Cons
  • Pros
    • Cheap
    • Readily available
    • Precedents for being used as furniture
    • Works at small scale.
    • Friction joints hold well.
    • Can be realized with tools in Architecture building
  • Cons
    • Possibly need to layered for stability
    • Quality issues
    • Wants to fold at corrugations
    • Unsure of stability at full scale.
pros and cons2
Pros and Cons
  • Pro
    • Structural stability (used in Aquariums)
    • Joints can be fused together by heating acrylic.
    • Readily available
    • Can be prototyped at small scale without going through manufacturer.
  • Expense
    • Possible stress failure at joints.
    • Require thick sheets.
    • Not sure if large modules can be attained through tools in Arch building.
    • Fusing joints would take away from the changeable aspect of the structure
pros and cons3
Pros and Cons
  • Pros
    • Structural stability
    • Module can be easily replicated through a manufacturer.
    • Precedents for stability
    • Variety of choices in colors for users.
  • Cons
    • Costly
    • Untested with current modules.
    • Material not readily available.
    • Process might have to be outsourced to manufacturer.
    • Question about strength at friction joint