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  1. PORTUGAL Some information about the country Portugal, with a population of eleven million inhabitants, its situated in the west coast of Iberia. The capital city is Lisbon and the official language is Portuguese.

  2. PORTUGAL The continental territory of the country is divided in 5 administrative regions. Norte, Centro, Lisboa e Vale do Tejo, Alentejo e Algarve.

  3. PORTUGAL The Portuguese Educational System The Portuguese educational system is structured in four levels: Pre-school – not compulsary and destined for children from the age of 3 to 6 Basic - which is organized in three cycles and constitutes compulsary education: _ 1st Cycle- 4 years of schooling;_ 2nd Cycle - 2 years of schooling;_ 3rd Cycle - 3 years of schooling; Secondary - 3 years of schooling Higher

  4. PORTUGAL The Portuguese Educational System Since the 2005/2006 academic year Technological Specialization Courses were also made available to students. The courses constitute a type of post-secondary but not higher professional qualifications that confer a level IV professional qualification and are promoted in collaboration with higher education institutions.

  5. PORTUGAL The Portuguese Educational System • Because the Portuguese population possesses very low qualifications in all education levels, even after the significant increase that was registered in the last decade. The government created the New Opportunities Program which permit the frequency of: • - Educational formative courses in Basic Level; • - Professional and technological courses in Secondary; • Professional courses for adults. • The program created also RVCC centers to recognize and certify skills in adult population.

  6. PORTUGAL Ministry of Education Central services Ministry State Secretary of Education; DGIDC – Educational innovation and curricular research; DGRHE – Human resources GEPE – Planning and evaluation MISI – Information and statistics of all system. General Inspection Bureau

  7. PORTUGAL The Portuguese Educational System Regional services - regional directions in: North – Porto Center – Coimbra Lisbon Alentejo – Évora Algarve - Faro In insular regions: Azores secretary of education Madeira secretary of education

  8. PORTUGAL DREC - Coimbra The Center Regional Direction of Education is the structure responsible for the management of education system in the center of the country: This service have a huge team of advisers to all levels of educational system in Portugal.

  9. PORTUGAL DREC - Coimbra In each county, there is also a small team of advisers who are in permanent contact with schools. The job of these teams is make the support to implement new educational measures.

  10. Some information about the region PORTUGAL Region Centro, is situated in the centre of Portugal, with a growing population of more than two million people and it is firmly developing its industry and commerce.

  11. PORTUGAL Some information about the region It is a region very well known for its mould industry, for the famous glass works from Marinha Grande and the crystal craft from Alcobaça.

  12. PORTUGAL Some information about the region Human traces in the region can be dated back to pre-historic times. However, only with the roman occupation, some important cities emerged in the vicinity.

  13. PORTUGAL Some information about the region The roman cities gave birth to what are today the most important cities of the region: Coimbra, Leiria, Viseu, Castelo Branco, Guarda and Aveiro.

  14. PORTUGAL Some information about the region The region is also influenced by the Fátima Sanctuary, where it is believed to have happened, on the beginning of the twentieth century, the famous apparitions of the Holy Lady to three little shepherds.

  15. PORTUGAL Some information about the region The Atlantic coastal zone of that region is heavily demanded by many tourists, that look for enjoyment in its beautiful white sand beaches.

  16. PORTUGAL Some information about the region Our region is situated in one of the most beautiful areas of Portugal, where people are friendly and full of hospitality. That’s why we expect and we are looking forward to your visit, very soon.