chromecast no device found issue n.
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Chromecast ‘No Device Found’ Issue PowerPoint Presentation
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Chromecast ‘No Device Found’ Issue

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Chromecast ‘No Device Found’ Issue - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Google Chromecast is a feature-packed device that is very economical. Besides being a cheap and small device, it has features that make it a giant killer.

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chromecast no device found issue

Chromecast ‘No Device Found’ Issue

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chromecast is very fluid and intuitive anyone

Chromecastis very fluid and intuitive. Anyone can set up this device. It is easy to operate since you can use your old familiar phone and PC to operate it. A user doesn’t necessarily have to be familiar with a newer device. It also has the ability to stream content from the internet to your HDTV. Download Chromecast, itprovides users with necessary drivers and tutorials in case of incompatibility.

the issue with pc users
The issue with PC users:

There has been an issue, which was not anticipated. After we set up Chromecast, we can easily cast local or content from the internet from our phones, tablets, and PCs. However, as all phones and tablets have a predefined ecosystem they are easily able to find Chromecast and cast to it.

download chromecast
Download Chromecast
  • With PC, as all PCs have minute differences, there has been an error encountered where some websites are being cast to Chromecast from PC while for other websites it shows the error of “No device found”. There have also been instances where a PC cannot cast anything, not even a single website from chrome to Chromecast.
chromecast app download
Chromecast App Download
  • This has created a wave of disappointment in PC platform users as PC is supposed to be most streamlined with Chromecast due to the abundance of resources, chances for tweaks as well as the availability of support of internet community.
  • The company to which Chromecast belongs tohas also received many queries in forums and e-mails from PC users. PC has the leverage that whole desktop can be streamed using cast app.
how to solve the issue
How to solve the issue?
  • The cast is a plugin for chrome browser. Cast browser enables users to cast the whole screen of a PC to Chromecast plugged into the HDTV. The scenario has gone completely opposite. Chromecasthas received immense requests which show how content from PC is not being able to be cast to Chromecast.
possible solutions
Possible solutions:
  • Many users have reported that their PC is easily detecting Chromecast but when they go for casting the content, a fatal error, possible “No device found” is shown. The official website of the company, i.e., has shown how to tackle this problem.
  • There can be possibly many reasons for your PC not detecting Chromecast. The problems might range from registry fixation to missing or incompatible drivers. It can also be an OS issue or a hardware issue. We will discuss some of the main issues and will try to eradicate the problem.
if your pc is not detecting chromecast

If your PC is not detecting Chromecast at all despite using the latest OS, chances are that you have a driver’s issue. For instance, a wrong video driver can run video but heavy video-intensive tasks like gaming will break down under.

  • Similarly, there might be an issue with wireless drivers due towhich Wi-Fi cannot detect Chromecast. Make sure that your drivers are compatible and updates. Using free solutions like driver pack solution DSU is a good alternative to update first party and third party drivers.
another issue can be related to the outdated anti

Another issue can be related to the outdated anti-virus. Many users have reported that disabling certain features of their antivirus removed the problem. There are SSL secured packets being transmitted between PC and Chromecast and if we uncheck scanning of sealed SSL packets, then this issue has been resolved. However, this has been possible in only those cases in which PC was able to detect Chromecast sometimes.

google chromecast download
Google Chromecast Download
  • For those PCs, which cannot cast content as well as have never discovered Chromecast, there is a strong chance that there is an issue with your Hyper V and VM Ware. Check it and surely issue will be solved.