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IEEE UFFC Rayleigh Award PowerPoint Presentation
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IEEE UFFC Rayleigh Award

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IEEE UFFC Rayleigh Award - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IEEE UFFC Rayleigh Award. Rayleigh Award

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IEEE UFFC Rayleigh Award

Rayleigh Award

The Rayleigh Award represents the highest honor for achievement within the UFFC Society in the field of Ultrasonics. The achievement may be in technical innovations, research, education, publications and related professional endeavors. Typically, the recipient will have demonstrated these accomplishments over a sustained period of time.


John William Strutt Third Baron Rayleigh

Discovery of argon

Rayleigh waves

Rayleigh scattering

Rayleigh criterion

Duplex Theory

Theory of Sound

Rayleigh flow

Rayleigh-Plesset equation

The Rayl


For outstanding fundamental contributions to the field of low temperature superconductivity using bulk and surface wave ultrasonics and for extensive service to the IEEE UFFC society


Moises Levy

1971 Professor at U Wisconsin

2013 Rayleigh Award

Born 1930


Ultrasonic investigations of superconducting materials

1955 MSc Cal Tech

1962 PhD UCLA

2001 Publishes

“The Handbook”





Moises Levy: Major Contributions

  • Conducted systematic ultrasonic investigations of superconducting materials, rare earth metals and iron-nickel film alloys
  • First investigations of the properties of type I and Type II superconductors, including High Tc superconductors using bulk wave ultrasonics
  • First complete phase diagram of the heavy Fermion superconductor UPt3 determined from ultrasonic velocity measurements
  • First investigations of surface acoustic waves (SAWs)to study several types of superconducting amorphous films, granular films, and High Tc films
  • Discovery of new real and virtual phase transitions in the rare earth metals
  • Development of frequency tunable SAW filters and dispersion lines using Giant Magnetoelastic and also Giant Superconducting Piezoelectric Attenuation effects discovered in his lab

Moises Levy: The Awards

  • NATO Postdoctoral Fellow at ETH, 1963 – 1964
  • Lady Davis Visiting Professor, Technion, 1983
  • University of Wisconsin Foundation Distinguished Research Award, 1987
  • Distinguished Lecturer, IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control Society, 1991 – 1992. He gave 42 colloquia and lectures in 13 States and 12 different countries
  • IEEE CSC Max Swedlow Award, 2010
  • IEEE UFFC-S Distinguished Service Award. 2010
  • Fellow American Physical Society
  • Life Fellow IEEE
  • Fellow Acoustical Society of America

Moises Levy: The Service to UFFC

  • Associated with UFFC-S and its progenitor the Sonics and Ultrasonics Group since 1969
  • General Chairman of the IEEE Ultrasonics Symposia in Milwaukee (1974), in Atlanta (1983) and Co-Chair in Honolulu (1990)
  • Served on the technical program committee of the IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium from 1971 to 2005.
  • Chairman of the nominations committee of the IEEE Group of Sonics and Ultrasonics (1976 – 1983)
  • Associate Editor, Transactions of the IEEE UFFC-S (1983-1991)
  • Representative of UFFC-S on the IEEE Council on Superconductivity (CSC).

For outstanding fundamental contributions to the field of low temperature superconductivity using bulk and surface wave ultrasonics and for extensive service to the IEEE UFFC society